Review: Out in Winter (Out in College #8) by Lane Hayes

The grad student, the jock, and some winter fun…


My new job at the bistro is fun. The owners are good guys, and the staff is made up primarily of boisterous water polo players. I know nothing about the sport except there’s a Speedo involved, and Liam likes to wear his everywhere. Yes…Liam—the chatty, handsome, utterly charming waiter I can’t seem to stop thinking about. Ugh. Note to self—do not fall for another younger man.


Getting Drew to notice me hasn’t been easy. He’s a little intense, and he knows how to keep his distance. Something tells me he’s not immune—he’s just stubborn. Maybe a weekend of bonding on the ski slopes will win him over. And if I can get him to come out in winter, I might be able to convince him that we have a chance at something special.

Short, sweet, and sexy.

I was looking for a good opposites-attract romance, and ‘Out in Winter’ delivered! Liam and Drew couldn’t be more different.

Drew is serious, reserved, and very careful in everything he does. Liam is loud, outgoing, and goes with the flow.

Despite those differences, the two are very attracted to each other, which makes working together at the bistro a bit tricky at times. Not that either of them admits it or lets on to the other.

That is until an offer of a lift ends in a deep conversation and a hot makeout session. After that, there’s no turning back!

I really liked that along with the undeniable physical attraction, Drew and Liam’s relationship also had the emotional connection from the get-go. That the two were so comfortable sharing their secrets with each other, and made time and space for one another.

That easy connection carries their budding relationship from the restaurant to the ski slopes. Their dates during the quick getaway were adorable.

And not to mention very sexy! These two really brought the heat, and were so in-tune with each other’s needs.

Something that I wasn’t a fan of - that age was ever part of the discussion, at least on Drew’s end. Five years is nothing, and both men were still in their twenties.

It should have been a non-issue. And it seemed to feed Drew’s general cautious approach about relationships, which is the main stumbling block.

Luckily, that didn’t last too long! It takes them a bit of time to voice it, but both Liam and Drew are on the same page and want the same thing.

Though I think the time after their return from the ski trip could have been more fleshed out to show rather than just tell how the two had fallen for each other, it was obvious that they were head over heels in love.

The epilogue really sealed the deal, and didn’t leave any doubt that Drew and Liam are forever for each other.

If you’re looking for a low-angst and easy to read MM romance, I’d recommend Out in Winter!

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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