Guest Review: Naughty & Nice (Love Notes #2) by D.J. Jamison

Why can't I forget your kiss...

Dear Quinn,

Why must I have these feelings for you? You're my ex-stepbrother, and nothing will change that truth, no matter how many letters I write.

I never expected to see you again--or to rescue you from the side of the road in a blizzard. I didn't think you would ever like me, much less kiss me in a steaming hot tub on a snowy night. It seems we make better lovers than brothers, which is all kinds of naughty and nice while we're snowed in together.

But can this new intimacy last when the skies clear and my family finally arrives for the holidays, or are we just two guys in a mountain cabin with a great view of everything we want but can't have?

Hopelessly yours,

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Quinn has been crushing on his former step-brother since a clumsy kiss under the Christmas tree confirmed he wasn’t straight. He hasn’t seen Jonas in years and didn’t really intend to see him now, but EVERYTHING has gone wrong and the offer from his former step-father to stay at the cabin as he awaits a job interview was one he couldn’t refuse. Then there was a blizzard, then Jonas rescued him from freezing to death, then the rest of the family couldn’t make it, then the two of them were snowed in - alone - the week before Christmas. What could possibly go wrong?

Or for the hopeless romantics, what could possibly go right???

Quinn was a lovely character who had made some dumb decisions and not trusted his mom with the sordid truth. He was easy to warm to, and really needed the universe to cut him some slack.

Jonas should have been an equally charming main character, but somehow, I found it harder to care for him in this book. We first met him in Secret Admirer (Love Notes 1) and I had no real adverse reaction to him, but in this book, I was only really rooting for him to get with Quinn, as that was what Quinn wanted and needed. Maybe I should have a reread of the story?

I didn’t dislike Jonas, I just felt neutral towards him, whereas usually I get fully invested in a couple from the outset of the story. And this was a festive snowy mountain book, usually my Grinch Kryptonite!

The HEA was lovely though, and I think my favourite character was the stepfather. I liked that he really stepped up for Quinn even though he was no longer married to Quinn’s mom.

Fun, festive and recommended.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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