Review: The Exile Prince (The Castaway Prince #2) by Isabelle Adler

Having chosen exile rather than face persecution at the hands of his family, Prince Stephan of Seveihar has finally found refuge in the south kingdom of Segor with his lover and former servant, Warren. For the first time in his life, Stephan is free to be who he really is, to explore his sexual identity and his fascination with all things feminine.

But it seems life has other plans, and the quiet happiness Stephan has run so far away to find is once again threatened by sinister forces from his past. Will Stephan and Warren’s newfound love be strong enough to weather the danger that could rip them apart forever?

I feel like a bit of a broken record when it comes to this series but... I wish this one were longer too. I think the only practical solution to this dilemma is to reread the entire trilogy once it's completed. #FirstWorldProblems

The Exile Prince picks up shortly after the first installment with Stephan and Warren having settled in Varta under assumed names. Varta suits them simply because they can be themselves. Stephan's no longer beholden to conform to his royal status and since no one knows who he or Warren are there is no censure regarding their differing social standing and, best of all, they can engage in PDAs without reproach.

Stephan has made a friend in Mala, a neighbor, and I hope we've not seen the last of her. She's fierce, loyal and proves herself to be an invaluable resource when they needed help.

However, the heart of this installment is strengthening the bond between Stephan and Warren, something Adler showed through their having to rely on each other to survive when the bad guys make their appearance.

It goes without saying that I'm invested in Stephan and Warren's journey and am anxiously awaiting the conclusion. The world building is strong but what I'm enjoying most about this series is how Stephan's gender is being explored and, obviously, the crossdressing/androgyny.

Recommended to fantasy enthusiasts.

An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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