Guest Review: Purple Haze (Aliens in New York #2) by Kelly Jensen

Six months have passed since Dillon and Lang crashed into each other on a crowded street in New York City, changing the course of their lives. Now they’re living together as a couple, happy, in love, but not quite ready to say the words out loud.

Dillon is about to embark on a new adventure—opening a private art school housed in the brownstone left to him by his father. Lang… Lang is becoming ever more aware of the futility of his mission: being caretaker to his clan’s future when his clan might not survive the war with an opposing faction.

When a flashbulb outside a nightclub on New Year’s Eve temporarily blinds Dillon, the course of their lives is set to change again. Dillon’s perception of how the world works is going to be forever altered, and Lang will have to decide between his mission and the man who has come to mean more to him than he ever thought possible.

It will be up to both of them to chart a new direction, one that holds the balance between being human and alien. A course that might require sacrifices neither of them is willing to make.

Reviewer: Annery

Dillon & Lang are now in an established relationship, Dillon’s is on the road to achieving his dreams of teaching art, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Except Dillon is experiencing certain ‘health’ effects, perhaps related to events in “Uncommon Ground”?

This was a nice follow up to the first book, but it does delve deeper into the sci-fi aspect, which is not my bread & butter. But it’s well done.

I can’t say too much without spoilers, even if you’ve read the first book, so I’ll keep it vague and brief.

Lang has become more and more aware of the futility of his original mission, and he’s trying to figure out what his life will look like when he’s not living for the clan. Dillon is just happy that he’s finally found a sense of belonging. However it’s not all smooth sailing, quite the contrary. Members of other Jord clans have taken an interest in Dillon and the guys will have to do battle for their HEA against forces greater than themselves.

To my mind this read less as a romance, the guys are clearly already in love, they’re IT for each other, even if the words haven’t been exchanged, and they know it. It was more like an action adventure tale with aliens. I did like that the motivations of the aliens wasn’t due to some malevolent plan, but rather beings functioning within their societal norms, and the ones we do get to know are full fledged characters, flawed and perfect. I’m sure lovers of sci-fi will get better mileage out of this.

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