Tag Team Review: Christmas Homecoming (The Christmas Angel #4) by L.A. Witt

August 1939. Roger Miller and Jack O’Brien have been close since childhood. By the time they realize there’s more between them than friendship, Jack is leaving their sleepy Iowa town for college. But they console themselves knowing he’ll be home for Christmas. Right?

It is Christmas before they see each other again, but that Christmas comes six years and a world war later. Aged, beaten, and shaken by combat, they’re not the boys they were back then, but their feelings for each other are stronger than ever.

Neither know the words to say everything they’ve carried since that peacetime summer kiss, though. Even as they stand in the same room, there’s a thousand miles between them.

But maybe that’s some distance the little angel in Roger’s rucksack can cross.

The Christmas Angel series books are standalones and can be read in any order.

R *A Reader Obsessed* - 4 Hearts

Another win for this holiday series!

Prepare yourself for some heartache though…

Roger and Jack and have been boyhood friends for forever and at the cusp of adulthood, a shared kiss that could’ve possibly been the start of something never comes to full fruition as the world is soon thrown into war. Six years later and these two young men have seen and done much, suffered and grieved, and missed each other every day, surviving only through the hope of seeing one another again. Was that shared kiss all it was? A fleeting thing between friends or the start of something more?

This blends the best of friends who become lovers, set in a time where such was not accepted or condoned. Melancholy and full of longing, Roger and Jack are expected to carry on and move on, but neither can let that one memory go despite time, distance, and everyone else in their lives doing their damndest to keep them apart.

However, life’s too short and these two are about to lose the best thing, the only thing they want. They deserve happiness and they grab it for themselves regardless of the possible consequences.

A bittersweet but triumphant win for Roger and Jack, their love definitely bringing all the romantic contentment and feel good warmth to the heart!

Chelsea - 3.5 Hearts

Such a heartfelt story. Any story about living through and recovering from a world war must be done right and I felt this story embodied the misery and loneliness of surviving with the hope for the future really well.

These two boys shared their first kiss the day before they said goodbye for 6 years, of course at the time they didn't realise that as shortly after their parting The Great War started. When they do return to each other they have both seen horrors, grown beyond their years and struggle to reconnect after the memory of one taboo kiss has kept them company throughout many frightening nights.

The reason the book wasn't perfect was the romance was too fast despite a war being between their first kiss and confession of love. The majority of the book focused on these boys feelings of normalcy and adjusting to peace, not in their feelings growing for each other.

There were a couple of sex scenes which were nice and sweet but slightly rushed. A great comfort story with a happily ever after and a sprinkling of romance.

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