Audiobook Review: Fire and Granite (Carlisle Deputies #2) by Andrew Grey

The heat is growing from the inside, but danger is building on the outside.

Judge Andrew Phillips runs a tight ship in his courtroom. He’s tough, and when he hands down a sentence, he expects to be obeyed. So when a fugitive named Harper escapes and threatens his life, Andrew isn’t keen on twenty-four/seven protection… especially not from Deputy Clay Brown. They have a past, one that could cause problems in their careers.

But with Clay assigned to Andrew and the two of them together every minute, there’s nowhere to hide from their attraction—or from the fact that there’s much more than chemistry blooming between them. As the threat intensifies, Clay knows he’ll do anything it takes to protect the people who are taking their places in his heart: Andrew and his young niece and nephew.

Listening Length: 6 hours 40 minutes
Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Reviewer: Annika

Each book in the Carlisle Deputies series can be read as a standalone as each book focuses on a new couple. The previous ones make appearances, but not to the point where you’ll feel left in the dark if you haven’t read their story. We are back in Carlisle and in the courtroom for this book - well kind of. At least in the sense that our first main character; Andrew Phillips is a judge. A judge whose life is threatened when a man he sentenced escapes from prison promises to come after him. He is less than thrilled with having a protection detail around the clock. And even less so when Clay Brown is added into that detail.

The two has some shared history, and working together causes tension to say the least, and when attraction is added to the mix the only question becomes who'll break first? Things get even more complicated when Andrew's sister is hospitalised and he's awarded temporary custody of his niece and nephew. And with a fugitive on the lose hell bent on revenge they have some tough times ahead.

As mentioned before Grey has a formula to his stories. The love between our two men are always sweet, almost always bordering on insta-love, with instant connection and inherit trust. And I'm sorry, I just don't believe in that, even though Grey tries so hard to make me. That doesn't mean I didn't or don't enjoy his books because I did and I do, but not to the point where I can't put them down or when I do a happy dance when I get a new one in my hands or ears. What I do appreciate is that his book are always quick and easy reads and don't require anything from the reader or listener. They are perfect brain candy when you just need something sweet, and in this case with some added suspense on top.

Greg Tremblay did it again. Just like the first book, his performance of this one is pure perfection beginning to end. He has it all the voices, the feelings and pacing. His voice is pure magic and I'll happily listen to anything that he says!

A copy of this audiobook was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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