Review: Star-Crossed Lover (Dreamcatchers #2) by Liv Olteano

A love worth crossing the stars for.

Taka has been a dreamcatcher and part of Team 32 for over six decades, but nobody has tempted him like Ginger—a dancer at club Zee. Too bad dreamcatchers aren't allowed to have meaningful relationships with regular people. His willpower proves a finite resource, though, when a mission at the club means spending much more time around Ginger.

Ginger’s infatuation with Taka is unwavering. When he proves to have some paranormal skills of his own, he earns himself a place on the team—if he wants it. His decision will change his life—not to mention Taka’s—irrevocably.

But living in the now could prove an issue for a man who has as much history as Taka. Can Ginger’s determination help him make his way into Taka’s heart?

This is the second book in the Dreamcatcher’s series and I to recommend you read the first to get a handle on the folklore and all the players involved. Okay? Right then. I am not going to hash over all the details from the first book and just dive right in because this book was good. Like Joey from Friends liking Rachel’s English trifle good.
My whole life had been a map to this moment. Every breath I had ever taken had been meant to steer me to this: to him in my arms.
Having met Taka before, we know the man, who fought in World War II and had his family murdered by spaga, is a force to be reckoned with. Taka lives the true life or a warrior, one of a solitary life that always has intense longing underneath. The man is fierce but lonely and the man is terrified to love anyone again after having everything and everyone he’s ever loved taken from him by the evil he now swears to fight. But Taka is soon to be up against something so strong, even he or the all-powerful Aashi couldn’t have seen coming; a ginger stripper with a heart of gold and the spirit of a dreamcatcher.

Oh yeah.

I love that Taka has been spending his non-working hours just hanging out at club Zee to watch the eye candy, known as Ginger, dance around in next to nothing clothing. The flirting between these two was fun and playful yet always with an undertone of serious want that was palpable. You know Taka wants Ginger, but is holding back thinking he can’t be involved with a human. It’s beyond obvious that Ginger wants in Taka’s pants and then to crawl inside the man’s heart and remain there forever. It’s only when Aashi basically demands that Taka hang out more at the club to see why it’s a spaga magnet and ley line hotspot that we get a chance to let these two bless us all with the UST and a payoff.

Getting more of Taka’s backstory was of course heartbreaking and yet I loved reading it to see how he met Claw. Those two friends and fighters have been in each other’s lives for years and the trust and care they show one another is beautiful. So it makes sense that when Claw becomes worried and fixated on one person, Nathan Gallagher, who is related to the caster they want to catch and think is responsible for creating the new spaga; it would be Taka’s task to worry about his friend. But… BUT! OMG! Nathan Gallagher is going to be more than just the person Claw is fixated on and the next book, is going to be so good!

Sorry. Got sidetracked there.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the take on star crossed lovers and how it’s taken this long for Ginger and Taka to find one another. The lore of the dreamcatchers is such a rich tale and we get more in depth with it while learning about fated mates/star crossed lovers. I dug Ginger’s weapon and gifts and can’t wait to see him take on more missions and become a stronger warrior.

Now, while this book was a fun read, I am a bit baffled to the ending. I know there is another book after this but the ending is so abrupt… it left me hanging. Not even in a cliffhanger way, but more of a flipping the pages to see if I missed something. It just ends. That’s it.

But other than that, this is a great addition to the series and the line. I am ready for the next book.

An ARC was provided by the publisher.

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