Cover Reveal: Rough Trade (The Woodbury Boys #3) by Sidney Bell

The Clubhouse is aflutter today because Sidney Bell has chosen us to reveal the cover of Rough Trade today right here!

A.K.A. GHOST'S BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans of the Woodbury Boys have been chomping at the bit for this one and the cover does not disappoint so with further ado... behold Ghost, uh rather, Rough Trade!


Quick-witted hustler Ghost is no stranger to living dangerously; survival has always been the name of the game.

He’s just always gone it alone.

Now he’s got the wrong people breathing down his neck, and the only way out demands placing his trust in the unlikeliest of heroes: Duncan Rook, a gruff cop whose ethics are as solid as his body.

Cozying up to a criminal is hardly what Duncan’s reputation on the force needs—especially when that criminal is temptation personified. Ghost is Duncan’s polar opposite, and the last person he expected to fall for.

So then why does every imaginable scenario for taking down their common enemy end with Ghost in his arms?

Rough Trade is set to release in ebook on December 3rd and You can pre-order it at these retailers:

Carina Press
Barnes & Noble
Google Play

If you've not experienced Sidney Bell's writing yet, get in the game! Her books are filled with complex and flawed characters who are trying to find love in this strange and beautiful world we live in. She's a master of writing gritty romance and Rough Trade, if you know anything about Ghost, will be another in a line of books that consume a reader.

  • Hard Line made it to the Lambda Literary recommended reads for April 2018.
  • Loose Cannon was praised by RT Book Reviews.
  • Bad Judgment is simply remarkable. Ask anyone.

Want to know more? Visit Sidney's website, and p.s., she welcomes questions!

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