Review: Under a Blue Moon (Camp H.O.W.L. #2) by Bru Baker

Once in a blue moon, opposites find they’re a perfect match.

Nick Perry is tired of helping people with their marriages, so when a spot opens up to work with teens at Camp H.O.W.L., he jumps at it. He doesn’t expect to fall in lust with the dreamy new camp doctor, Drew Welch. But Drew is human, and Nick has seen secrets ruin too many relationships to think that a human/werewolf romance can go anywhere.

Happy-go-lucky Drew may not sprout claws, but he’s been part of the Were community all his life. He has no trouble fitting in at the camp—except for Nick’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the growing attraction between them and his ridiculous stance on dating humans. Fate intervenes when one of his private practice patients threatens Drew’s life. Will the close call help Nick to see a connection like theirs isn’t something to let go of?

This series, this author and this line are a dream made in this gingers shifter romance reading heaven! I loved being in the world of Camp H.O.W.L with Tate and Adrian and now we get more with Drew and Nick.

Since Tate and Adrian have left camp life for New York, there is an open spot for a camp counselor for the wolflings learning to control their shift and it’s a good thing because Nick Perry is Tate’s replacement and the camp also has a new staff doctor, Drew Welch at the infirmary. But what these two new employees at the camp don’t know is each other so when their mutual flight gets delayed and they end up sharing a passionate night together neither of them can nor want to forget. It’s just a shame the next time they’ll see each other is during a “get to know the new guy” meeting at the camp and well, let’s just say it wasn’t what either man expected.

I loved the take on this with a wolf and a human. Sure, it has happened before in books but usually the human is introduced to the shifters animal form later in the story as a big reveal. Here, Drew grew up with a Pack as his step father is second in his Pack and married Drew’s very human mother. Drew has grown up just as any wolf would save the ability to shift. He knows how shifters think, he knows their silent language and he knows what one grumpy hot as hell wolf needs and what Drew wants. Thankfully Drew is pretty freaking patient because his wolf, isn’t as confident.

Nick is grumpy and prickly but cautious. Having been a private marriage counselor, he knows that keeping secrets from your partner can lead to nothing but trouble and feels being with a human would mean keeping secrets about his wolf. It’s a justifiable reason to not get into a romantic relationship with a human but Drew isn’t just any human and Nick is put through his own sets of lessons to learn and accept this.

Watching Nick and Drew first meet hot and heavy and then have Nick react the way he does to Drew was so much fun to read. Having read shifters, I knew Nick felt Drew as his mate long before he accepted it but it’s always fun to watch the romantic clueless fumble along with their affection and try to pass it off as something it’s not. I loved watching Drew prove Nick wrong time and time again and Nick finally accepting what he feels for Drew and that his fears of intimacy have nothing to do with Drew being Human.

GAH! Nick is total wolf in everything that concerns Drew that I was grinning like a fool. The whole smell deal, the way he is calmed when Drew is around, the protectiveness and of course, the jealousy and need to claim what’s his. It was fantastic seeing Nick be all wolf over his human even when he tried to fight it so damn hard.

Of course it was great to get bits of Tate and Adrian again and I am really hoping there is another book because there are strong hints throughout with Harris and Jackson that need to be explored long after that flirting at the hospital. I mean, right? There’s more???? Please?

This was just a pure delight to read. The UST was amazing and the games the men play was a blast to follow along with. Drew knows how to get to Nick and playing a little dirty even in a yoga class made me grin like a fool. The bit of drama at the end was perfect for the story, the title is spot on with what it means and that epilogue made my hopeless romantic heart happy.

An ARC was provided by the publisher.


  1. Yes, there's more! Book 3 is Harris and Jackson's turn to get together and it will be out in September. :D Glad you love Camp H.O.W.L. as much as I do!

  2. YES! This makes my day! I loved their flirting and all the hints about them being together. I can't wait! Come on, September!