Guest Review: Angel's Fall by Liv Rider

The angels exiled him and stripped him of his wings. Now they want his help.
The last thing he needs is to fall for one….

Half-angel Dashiell Lam has a lot of reasons to distrust angels after they exiled him four years ago. When angel Cael Moriah comes looking for him, Dashiell’s certain he’s no different—even if Cael’s the most gorgeous angel Dashiell’s ever seen. Dashiell’s instinct is to send him packing, but he can’t deny the effect Cael has on him. Then Cael makes him an offer he can’t refuse: help him, and the angels will restore his wings.

Cael’s done everything the angelic order has ever asked of him, but working with a jaded fallen angel? Not part of the plan. But he has a mission to complete, and Dashiell’s the only one who can help him. It doesn’t matter that Dashiell inspires a very un-angelic desire in him. The last thing he needs is to get involved with someone who thinks angels are the enemy.

Angels aren’t supposed to form attachments—and they definitely aren’t supposed to fall in love. But sometimes even angels can’t resist temptation. Can an angel and fallen half-angel work together to save the world—and each other?

Angel’s Fall is an m/m paranormal angel romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

The story opens up with Dashiell whiling his evening away in a bar, when in walks Cael. The angel is breathtaking and has clearly been sent to get rid of Dashiell once and for all. But that’s not quite true. Gorgeous Cael needs help from the fallen angel. The half-angel might just be able to help Cael save everyone and everything. Despite every sense he possesses telling Dashiell to bolt, an uneasy alliance is formed. Can these two men, one from the dark side, one from the light, work together in a world where not everything is as it seems?

This book is gripping from the outset. It took awhile for us to find out why Dashiell’s wings had been wrenched from his back and him thrown out of heaven, but it is apparent that there are forces of which we know nothing!

Cael’s character took a while to grow on me. He’s obviously pretty, but there has to be more than that! by the end of the tale, he shows Dashiell all he has come to mean to the angel with the size of his sacrifice. It was stunning.

The world building was fascinating, with the other dimension aspect to a world we know already. It was so absorbing, with a wide range of scary and appealing characters helming our heroes save the world, and hopefully find each other.


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