Guest Review: Nobody Else's by Nell Iris

Mars enters Pisces, giving Beckett Cooper the opportunity to assert himself when it comes to a secret infatuation; his best friend’s younger brother Levi. But can Beckett trust what’s in front of him and be brave enough to take what he wants?

With Venus in Virgo, people usually become more reserved, but Levi Byrne always takes the opposite road of what’s expected of him. So, instead of pulling back, he reaches out for a man he’s been interested in for years; Beckett Cooper.

Is it the celestial bodies aligning to bring together two people destined for each other? Or is it a simple tale of boy meets boy, boy likes boy, and boy wants to kiss boy? Do Beckett and Levi even care, or are they too busy getting to know each other ... and falling in love?

Guest Reviewer - Annika

I loved this little story. It was pure fluff and brain candy!

Nobody Else's was an über cute and sweet and I would say cuddly, love story. It had everything I want from this kind of story, little to no angst, sweet characters, a pinch of humor and just had that feel-good vibe to it. I had a smile to my face throughout the read.

Beckett Cooper is what Levi would call cuddly, a teddy bear with a bit of low self-esteem. He's also been in love with his best friend's younger brother Levi for years. But thinking that the gorgeous and super smart man could never be interested in him, he's never acted on his feelings.

Levi Byrne has his hands full. At 23 he's still living (kind of) at home, helping to take care of his many, many siblings - in particular his 5 year old twin sisters - dubbed the Hell Sisters. Being one of 10 kids it's no wonder his parents need all the help they can get. At the same time he's also trying to run his programming business and all the paperwork that a successful business has. It's no wonder he's never really had the time to act on his infatuation on Beckett. Until the stars align and enable Beckett and Levi to spend time together, get to know each other.

This book was as low-angst and drama free a book can get. It was about being brave and take that first step to the unknown. But also about speaking up, daring to go for what you want. But above all this book was all about falling in love.

Simply a beautiful love story perfect to cuddle up to at night!

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review!! You sure know how to make an author happy :-)