Audiobook Review: Game Point by M.J. O'Shea

Game, set… match made in heaven.

Spoiled socialite Quinn Valenzuela has no interest in sports or his family’s huge sporting goods empire, Sparta Athletics. So when Quinn learns his grandfather has died and he’s in control of the corporation, no one is more surprised than Quinn himself.

Dedicated COO Porter Davis has little time and less patience for brats like Quinn who have never done a day’s work, but circumstances leave him with little choice. Quinn claims he’s ready to leave partying behind and grow up, but it’ll take more than words to earn Porter’s respect. As it turns out, they can work—and play—together after all. A friends with benefits arrangement makes sense for the two busy men, but are they too different for it to ever develop into more? Not if Quinn can convince Porter he has his head in the game.

Listening Length: 4 hrs 31 min
Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Definitely one of the more enjoyable Dreamspun Desires stories, this went down the hatch with nary a hiccough!

Porter, who is content and happy being the head of operations of one of the top sporting goods conglomerates is understandably devastated when the founder of said company dies suddenly. It’s bad enough that he’s lost his mentor, but when the entire company is left to the prodigal grandson Quinn, no one is more shocked than Porter. Quinn, who has been absent for years, is set to inherit the majority of shares but only if he chooses to stay and step into his grandfather’s position. The thought of the pampered young man being Porter’s boss is enough to make his blood boil!! He simply thinks of Quinn as a spoiled brat with not one responsible bone in his body, and thus wholly ill equipped to do the job. Suffice it to say, pissed off and indignant doesn’t even come close to how Porter feels.

Now granted, Quinn has not been the poster child for initiative and work ethic. Admittedly, he has been living the high life of parties and debauchery but lately, he’s been feeling a bit restless and not so satisfied. Quinn doesn't know why he’s avoided his family for so long, but his grandfather’s death is really just the push he needs for some serious life evaluation, and he’s determined to give this new opportunity a good go. Now, if Quinn can just navigate the sexy COO’s hostile attitude towards him, things might just go his way.

These two not surprisingly, don’t hit it off at all. Somehow though, circumstances force them to lay out the harsh truths and they grudgingly agree to give each other a chance, and lo and behold, both are amazed at just how well their strengths and assets work together. It doesn’t take long for them to establish a great working relationship, one that is busy and stressful and fulfilling, and perhaps could benefit from blowing off some much needed steam. With. Each. Other. Yep!

Narrated by Kenneth Obi, this was my first listening experience with him, and it went just as smoothly as the story did. Overall, Game Point was pretty much angst free, with the obligatory denial of feelings where perhaps that denial carries on just a tad too long. However, it really was a sweet story of enemies to friends to lovers (with a touch of age gap, a dollop of opposites attract, and a dash of sexy). O’Shea typically excels at such fluff, so fans of hers shouldn't have much complaint if at all, with this easy breezy read.

Thanks to the author/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review.

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