Review: Moonlight and Moonshine (Fae Haven #0.5) by Elizabeth Silver & Jenny Urban

The annual Haven City Renaissance Faire is a time of magic and adventure. Or so the brochures all say. To Bryan, Jeff, Alex, and Quentin, it’s a home away from home. A chance to let loose and live in a fantasy land for a few weeks every summer, while staying close to the ones they care most about--each other. But no matter how deep their feelings might run, the worry that they might ruin their friendship runs deeper.

In the human realm searching for his missing powers, King Oberon and his sweetheart, Puck, find themselves befriending four young men terrified of how much they want each other. The human boys are all determined to hold onto what they have instead of taking the gamble for what they want, but the tension is working its way between them already. No matter what they tell themselves, change lurks behind them.

And then there’s a midsummer evening, Puck’s moonshine, not to mention a misfired spell. When all the cards are on the table--and the magically created mattress--it’s up to the four humans to decide if they have enough courage to love as freely and openly as they’ve always dreamed.

This book’s blurb had me at “magically created mattress”.

Knowing I had to get me some of that I snatched this one up and it was a lot of porntastic fun. It’s a story about four friends who work/live the Ren Faire lifestyle and are drowning in UST. Like, four times the UST of a regular MM romance, so yeah, that’s a lot.

The Faire falls during a time when Oberon and Tatiana are having one of their legendary quests to outdo one another and Oberon is on a mission to get his powers back as Titiana has hidden them in a human vessel at the midsummer Ren Faire. Obie is there with his trusty sidekick Puck who brought along his trusty sidekick Moonshine, made from actual Moonshine. Shenanigans commence!

The otherworldlies befriend the four friends, Bryan, Jeff, Alex and Quentin and since they are all kinds of magical and whatnot, they see the relationship these Ren bros long to have but are afraid to reach for. It makes sense, they rely on one another and if even one of them isn’t down for the four seater fuck truck to pound town, their friendship will pay the price. None of them are willing to do that, or even believe the others could feel the same, hence, all the lusty UST.

Alcohol is the catalyst for many a regretful evening, but magic Moonshine says “hold my beer” and tears down every wall and rips out every filter the four friends have been hanging on to. What follows is copious amounts of bodily fluids and many declarations of undying love. And this is what the authors nailed just right, I totally bought into the unconditional love they all had for one another. I didn’t have to be told, I already knew it from the setup and there wasn’t one smidgen of regret that non magical alcohol conjures up.

Bonus points for making each of the MCs distinct so I didn’t need a schematic and a searchlight to figure out how the boning was happening, it all flowed along nice and easy. Having indistinct characters is usually the death knell for an MMM story, much less an MMMM!

There was a plethora of reassurances that had to happen, think friends to lovers and the “are you sure?” and “I had no idea!” conversations that take place. Multiply that by 4. Which was fine and made sense, anything else would have rang false for the buildup to that point, but it’s a lot of, “I’ve always loved you all equally but differently, but equally and let me fuck it into you so you believe me”. This was all perfectly good with me to be honest.

If this prequel is a taste of the rest of the series, sign me up. It’s a fun and horny adventure that’s well written and has enough legit feelings and story to keep it from being PWP while still providing all the enjoyment of PWP.

Win - win!

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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