Review: Spa Weekend (Daniel and Ryan #6) by Tamryn Eradani

Daniel and Ryan take their first trip as a couple, traveling to Daniel’s favorite spa resort, a place he’s never taken anyone before. The significance isn’t lost on Ryan, but it takes longer for Daniel to realize there are feelings encroaching on their arrangement.

This was short, sweet and simple in the world of Daniel and Ryan.

When we left them in the last book, Daniel had invited Ryan on a Spa Weekend and Ryan accepted. Daniel normally goes alone and doesn’t even let it be general knowledge where they spa is located but taking Ryan is a new step, a new challenge and Daniel accepts it. Along with the spa trip challenge, Ryan decides to up the ante and request his own challenge of Daniel for the week.

Let me say that the week-long challenge led to some delicious text messages between these two and though it was all hypothetical, Daniel gets so damn dirty it was gorgeous.

This was simply nice to see the men still doing what they have been while slowly moving toward a real relationship and not just an arrangement though Daniel is a bit slow on the uptake. Seeing Daniel move around his normal routine and adjust ever so slightly to allow Ryan into it and into his life was lovely. I know how important routines are and how hard it is to adjust them so while Daniel is ready to add Ryan into his before work routine, he is ready to move from Room 12 to Room 112 because Ryan is with him.

The waking up business was hot AF and Ryan talking during sex was so very emotional and so very telling of where HE is in the relationship. Not being in Ryan’s head, we don’t always know what’s up with him but I love how he sees Daniel.

This ends, per the normal with you hanging on for more and with a short excerpt for the next installment. I am still curious how long this will lead us by the reader dick until we are allowed some friction but I will be there regardless of how tight my reader balls get and want to come.

Spa Weekend
Tamryn Eradani © 2017
All Rights Reserved

“I want to try something new,” Ryan says.
Daniel stops mincing the garlic to look over his shoulder. “Something new for you or something new for us?”
“Us,” Ryan says.
They’re in Daniel’s apartment this weekend, and Daniel offered to make dinner to draw out their time together a little bit longer. They normally part ways midafternoon on Sundays, but as soon as Daniel mentioned he was cooking, it was easy to convince Ryan to stay. Daniel has thought about pressing his luck and seeing if he could get Ryan to stay the night, but it seems like too much of a risk.
They’ve never stayed the night when there was work the next morning, and Daniel’s not going to be the first to bring it up. Besides, it probably would be more hassle than it’s worth. He’d have to figure out how to fit a second person into his morning routine, and he’s gotten it planned to the minute over the past few years. It would be too disruptive to change it. At least, that’s what he tells himself to keep from blurting out an invitation to stay.
Daniel returns to carefully mincing his garlic.
“I don’t want you to touch yourself this week,” Ryan says. “Not without my permission.”
Daniel has to put the knife down before he accidentally takes off a finger. “Touch myself how?” He’s got a good idea of what Ryan’s getting at, but he likes specifics. And maybe he just wants to make Ryan squirm a little.
The plan backfires, because Ryan meets Daniel’s gaze straight on and says, “No jerking off. No giving yourself a couple squeezes during your morning shower. No lazy touches as you get ready for bed.”
It’s Daniel who ends up with pink cheeks and short of breath when Ryan’s done talking, but he manages to say, “Okay,” without a waver in his voice.
He goes back to the garlic, because he needs to finish the glaze so he can cook the chicken or dinner will never be done. The move puts his back to Ryan, and he should’ve known that Ryan wouldn’t let the conversation end so quickly.
A moment later, he can feel Ryan’s heat against his back, and then Ryan’s stepping in close, hands on Daniel’s hips so he can look over his shoulder.
“You can say no,” Ryan reminds him, like Daniel doesn’t understand how consent works. “Or ask questions.”
“I’m saying yes,” Daniel says. It’s not like he masturbates often. And from the way Ryan’s floated the suggestion, it sounds like he’ll have the opportunity to ask for permission. That thought is what sends a little shiver down his spine, and with Ryan as close as he is, there’s no way he doesn’t feel it too. “How’re you going to know?”
“Besides the honor system?” Ryan says. His breath tickles Daniel’s neck. “I’m going to call and check up on you.”
Daniel has to take a steadying breath before he adds the red pepper flakes, rosemary, and salt to the garlic and begins mincing again. “You couldn’t have waited to float this idea until I was done with the knife stage of dinner?” He’s not really annoyed. If he was then he’d just tell Ryan to knock it off.
Ryan knows it too, because he crowds closer, until his hips press right up against Daniel’s ass. “Am I distracting you? I thought your self-control and ability to multitask were flawless.”
“I will remind you I’m holding a knife,” Daniel says. He finishes using the sharp end of the blade and now he uses the flat end to mash the mixture up.
“Out of curiosity,” Ryan says, “are you saying yes because you think it’ll be easy or because you like the thought of giving up control to me even when we’re not together? Or because it’s something I want to do?”
“All three,” Daniel answers. He likes doing things that Ryan wants to do, especially when they line up with things he’s interested in. Giving Ryan control over something as private and intimate as his orgasms is something that appeals to him maybe more than it should. And, of course, there’s the fact that he likes a challenge, and he finds he can push himself further when it’s Ryan setting the demands and the limits rather than Daniel himself. “But mostly the first one. I’m not an excessive masturbator.”
“I find that difficult to believe,” Ryan says, and Daniel can’t see him, but he can imagine the eye roll that accompanies his statement. “But it also sounds like you’re daring me to make this difficult for you.”
“I would never.” Daniel keeps his tone light, just shy of teasing. “You’re the one in control of everything.”
“Put the knife down,” Ryan says and as soon as Daniel’s dropped the knife to the cutting board, Ryan spins him around and kisses him. Ryan bites at Daniel’s bottom lip until Daniel opens his mouth and lets Ryan sweep in and claim the kiss. When he pulls back, Daniel’s breathing heavy and holding on to the counter like it’s the only thing keeping him on his feet.
Ryan pats Daniel’s hip and then wanders back to the far side of the island where his phone is.
“Tease,” Daniel says, but he can’t keep the smile off his face.
“We haven’t even started,” Ryan promises him.
Author Bio
Tamryn studied English and Creative Writing in school but has been writing since she could first hold a pencil. Recently, she’s turned her focus toward writing erotica. She enjoys writing stories where sex comes first, then feelings, because doing things out of order can be fun.
Tamryn has spent the past few months writing the Daniel and Ryan series with a lovely view of mountains out her window, and she’s now searching for a new mountain range to serve as her backdrop as she begins her next project.
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