Audiobook Review: Until You (At First Sight #3) by T.J. Klune

Together with their families and friends 

Paul Auster


Vincent Taylor

request the honor of your company at the celebration of their marriage.

Listening Length: 5 hrs 4 mins
Narrator: Michael Lesley

Fair warning – this is basically just gonna be me gushing and what not for some paragraphs.

You know how sometimes real life is just all up in your business making you adult and it’s annoying and really utter BS? Nothing terrible is happening, but nothing awesome is happening either and you just get tired? I was having one of those times a couple of weeks ago. I have a quote from Dorothy Parker I like to remember in these not-really-so-trying-but-oh-so-very-tiring times, “It’s not the tragedies that kill us; it’s the messes.” It helps me to put the BS into perspective. I’ve added a new thing to keep my addled brain centered when I’m feeling extra precious and that is to grab me a fist full of Klune.

I nabbed the audiobook version of Until You as soon as it came through on the blog, I had already read it and couldn’t wait to hear T.J. Klune’s words come out of Michael Lesley’s mouth. That’s how I read it in my head anyway, so I was pretty stoked. I decided to revisit the whole crew and listened to Tell Me It’s Real again, I wanted the WHOLE Vince and Paul experience from start to, well, to start really; the wedding is just the beginning of happy for Paul and Vince. At the same time I was reading Destiny of Dragon’s and I lumbered like a drunk gorilla through real life deadlines by letting the lizard portion of my brain take over the muddling and I let the fun part of my brain loose at the Klune-a-palooza festival.

If you’ve read Tell Me It’s Real and The Queen and the Homo Jock King, you have to read and listen to Until You stat. I loved the manic wedding planning and of course all the banter. But what got me right in the heart throughout were the connections between Vince, Paul and all the extended family. It seems like everybody had their “moments” in amongst all the funny and that’s something the author always nails, a shot to the feels and poignant moments perfectly balanced in the middle of the entertaining chaos.

I fell in love with Vince in tell Me It’s Real, I mean, who didn’t? But in Until You, he raised the bar pretty high for significant others everywhere. His natural and almost accidental charm are just too good for your average person, but for Paul, he couldn’t be more perfect. The romance was ideal because it was sincere and still tinged with a healthy dose of snark. It’s the exact recipe for romance I want to hear and read. Michael Lesley does a perfect Vince, and I can picture Vince turning into Larry Auster as he ages. How adorable is that to imagine?

Thank you T.J. and Michael, you made my days better, you made me smile and you made me laugh when I needed it. With all the extreme . . . everything these days we tend to underestimate the simple things as we get tripped up in our messes and I’m trying hard to remember to enjoy the good stuff as I should.

T.J. and Michael, you are the good stuff.

**a copy of this audiobook was provided for an honest review**

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