Guest Review: Waiting for You (Lifesworn #1) by Megan Derr

Shanna has spent her whole life waiting—waiting to be old enough, waiting for the day she must pick a consort, waiting for a chance to finally overcome her despicable stepfather… and waiting for someone to finally banish the loneliness that comes with being a queen-in-waiting one step away from being murdered.

On the eve of the two-week event during which she must pick a consort from a bevy of suitors, two strangers arrive claiming to have been invited—though she knows full well they did not receive any such invitation. But the handsome, mischievous Prince Kallaar is too intriguing to resist, and his quiet bodyguard too compelling to ignore…

But she’s learned the hard way never to let anyone get too close, and on the verge of gaining true independence her stepfather will stop at nothing to see she never gets it.

Reviewer: R *A Reader Obsessed*

I’m under the assumption that Derr typically doesn’t write much smex in her stories, so to be honest, I picked this because it had the tag erotica, and my curiosity was piqued despite the presence of an F after the M/M.

Shanna is a princess about to become queen. However, her evil stepfather, Mercer, (suspected of having a hand in Shanna’s mother’s death) has been working hard on securing the throne for himself. By law, she must choose a consort, and in 2 years time when she turns 25, she’ll ascend. That’s easier said than done, as Mercer threatens and schemes to his favor and won’t allow Shanna the pretense that she has any control over her future. Does she dare defy her stepfather and claim a consort that would best strengthen her position?? Or should she meekly concede, sealing her fate towards defeat? When an unexpected ally appears in the form of a foreign prince and his devoted bodyguard, Shanna can hardly believe their claims - her mother had secretly planned for this years before her death, and they’re here to help in any way that is needed. There finally, just might be a sliver of hope...

Overall, I enjoyed this story and the fantastical, pseudo-historical world it was set in. Of note, this is a society that is not inhibited nor restricted by typical sexual mores. There’s no saving oneself for marriage, as virginity is not some prize to obtain, and sexuality leans towards everyone being bisexual - as lust and love are dictated by whoever fits one’s fancy. Thankfully, Shanna is a strong female character, and I surprisingly had no issue with anything she did or said. It’s hard to fault her for wanting love and support, and when the situation presents her with a boon, two is surely better than one right?? Right.


Pleasantly sexy, this ends on a mild cliffhanger - Shanna and her allies are together, but it remains to be seen just how she’ll win the throne. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing how this plays out - there’s two more books in the works!

Thanks to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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