Review: Well-Tailored by Silvia Violet

Marc longs for a grand romance, but he doubts he’ll ever be that lucky. Then he meets Darius, an arrogant tailor who pushes all his buttons. When Darius offers him a job, Marc hesitates—he needs a direction for the future, not another man who doesn’t believe in relationships.

Darius lives by a few unbreakable rules: never sleep with employees, fashion should be simple, and romance is for fools. Marc, with his shimmer sweater collection, makes him want to break every single one.

They quickly give in to desire, but Darius wants to protect himself and Marc refuses to repeat past mistakes. It’s only when they let go of assumptions, that love has a chance to take hold.

This one actually started pretty poorly for me and I was considering not finishing the story. I’m glad I continued on because Darius and Marc definitely grew on me.

Darius is tailor-extraordinaire and is also the boss from hell, he runs his own business but can’t seem to keep an assistant for more than a month. Marc works for an escort service and loves his job but, he needs to find a job that can turn into a career, so he applies for Darius’ assistant position. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Darius is hot as fuck and brings out a submissive side in Marc that he wouldn’t mind entertaining for a while.

The whole meeting and instant attraction of these two did not work for me at all! The attraction felt sudden but slow at the same time, I was pretty bored for the first 30%. It was a constant, ‘should they shouldn’t they’ dance, but not a good one. However it got much better when they decided to become fuck buddies and I liked how their relationship progressed after that.

Darius was pretty awesome, such a grumpy bum hating on the world, I love that! And Darius sure did have an interesting vocabulary, it was hilarious!

“Motherfucking shitballs.”
“Goddamned cock robin bullshit.”
“Shut up, you fucking knobgoblin.”
“Harder, you shit-faced fuck muppet.”

Marc was a great mix of strong willed and submissive. Submissive isn't the right word... he just likes to be thrown around by Darius. But he can tell Darius when he’s being a dick, which is exactly what Darius needs.

This sex was hot! it was raw and passionate, rough and angry, which pretty much sums up this relationship. It took a long time for these two to get into the lovey dovey mode and it was rather nice when they got there. It was almost ruined by an argument at the end of the story which was just to make some drama and was totally unnecessary, but they moved on from that quickly.

This ended up being a pretty entertaining story and I recommend it for anyone who likes dominant, grumpy characters who need someone who isn't their doormat to fall in love with.

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