Guest Review: Personal Challenges (Personal #4) by K.C. Wells

Will and Blake couldn’t be happier. They have a beautiful little boy, Nathan, and Sophie finally has the little brother she’s been demanding. But all is not bliss in the Davis household. Coping with reality is going to change all their lives.
Rick and Angelo are sick and tired of trying to get a wedding organized. If it was up to them, they’d be married already, but Angelo's mother has plans and they keep getting bigger. Angelo can see problems on the horizon: big, traditional Italian wedding and gay do not go well together. Something’s got to give.
Colin receives an unexpected call from an ex, with bad news. He feels compelled to help, regardless of the consequences. Ed loves Colin’s big heart and supports him in his efforts, but when the truth comes out, he finds it difficult to keep a lid on his emotions.
As the coming months unfold, the friends are going to need each other more than ever.

Rated 4.75 Hearts
Reviewer: Shee Reader

Having read the previous books in the Personal Series, I was dying to read this book, which checks in with, and shows the next step of life challenges for all the Personal couples. I was not disappointed! It was wonderful and moving and emotional and heartfelt.

The story opens with Blake and Will anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second child as the surrogate is in labour. Sophie, their daughter, is four years old and waiting for her little brother to arrive. Blake and Will receive support from their close friends, Rick and Angelo, and Ed and Colin whose stories I enjoyed in previous books. Finally, baby Nathan arrives amid much jubilation and love. Unfortunately, Nathan isn’t quite the perfect baby he looks. The issued involved were dealt with really well by KC. Realistic and accurate and so emotional.

Rick and Angelo are having a difficult time with Angelo's mother who is making many demands of their wedding planning, and insisting on inviting hundreds of Sicilian relatives…

Colin and Ed haven't set a date for their own wedding yet, but the re-emergence in Colin’s life of his first love gives him plenty to think about.

The stories are told concurrently and the intertwined nature of their friendships is beautiful to read and be a part of. There are plenty of twists and challenges (the clue is in the name after all) but the telling is relatively low angst and though emotional is not a harrowing read.

There is so much I could tell you about this book, but I won’t, to make sure I avoid spoilers. Save to say, I really enjoyed it. It is a beautifully written tale of the realities of life, and love and family. The characters are multifaceted, the relationships realistic and the dialogue is superb.

Highly recommended!

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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