Review: Positive Reinforcement (Daniel and Ryan #4) by Tamryn Eradani

It’s Hell Week at work, which means Daniel hasn’t seen Ryan in what feels like too long. A quiet weekend in is exactly what they need, and Daniel strives to make sure he’s exactly what Ryan needs.

Daniel doesn’t know how he ever thought they could do this without feelings.

At the end of Who I Am When I’m With You we know that Daniel is in a headspace where he wants to be Ryan’s. He is into more and more of their play and into spending much more time together. But this book begins with days of separation between the “not” couple as Ryan is busy with meetings during the week. But… those meetings allow for adorable moments with Daniel as he tries so hard not to check up on Ryan and fails.

This story now in book four of the serial series has begun as a recognition of submission to a revelation of a budding relationship. Daniel and Ryan are taking their time but the intimacy between them is growing along with the want of more than just scenes.

Daniel is finding new ways to be vocal with what he wants from Ryan and trying to accept that Ryan want Daniel in return. The few moments they had to together at work during Ryan’s Hell Week were sweet and the beginning to their weekend together was spanking hot.

This is another VERY short interlude of the men and how they are moving forward in their relationship and blurring the boundary lines of just an arrangement to more.

Ugh. I have to be honest and say I am beginning to get frustrated as hell with how short these are and how much of a tease it’s all becoming. Just when I settle into the story, settle into more of Ryan and Daniel… it ends. I get why it’s released this way and yet my frustration is teetering on disinterest and I really don’t want it to get there. I am almost upset that I have read the series like this and hope that the full story is released in some sort of compilation so that readers don’t have the blue ball affect that I am experiencing with waiting. Sorry, I am not as patient as either Daniel or Ryan. I am more Veruca Salt and I want more of them, now.

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