Review: The Start of Something New (Daniel and Ryan #2) by Tamryn Eradani

After a successful first scene together, Daniel and Ryan explore the possibility of continuing their relationship. Negotiating likes and dislikes in BDSM play is one thing, but can Daniel, who likes to keep his life ordered and free of mess, loosen up enough to let the relaxed and uninhibited Ryan deeper into his life?

I know what I like, and I don’t get down on myself for enjoying it.

This starts exactly where the first book left off. It’s the morning after and Daniel wakes in Ryan’s apartment and has a lot to think about. He goes about his morning as Ryan sleeps; his run, his shower ritual and begins to make breakfast. I so have a bond with Daniel on the control he has over his life, health, fitness and... what he puts in his body.


The men have breakfast and a chat about how they will continue this new relationship, how they will scene and its boundaries. It was refreshing to see it all done simply but matter of factly about what they like, what they will do and what is off limits. When Daniel suggests they play that morning, Ryan instructs Daniel go to the guest room, get comfortable and show Ryan what he likes.

“I don’t need to be stronger than you to have my way with you,” he says. “You’re eager enough that all I’ve got to do is ask.”

Goodness! This got hot and it got hot fast. That first scene, first thing in the morning with these two was all sorts of UNF and once again, I am with Daniel on a few things but we don’t need to go there.

I liked not only that the men discuss this new relationship and what it will be but that Daniel was all anxious about how working together would play out. It was so not what he was expecting and I adored that he made the first move at work with Ryan this time around. Desserts may have been involved, but no donuts this time.

The sex was ridiculously hot in this one and Ryan is so freaking toppy he made me squirm and okay pant a few times, I’ll admit it.  And yet, with all the hot sex there were true moments of emotion that sucked be in because I am a hopeless romantic and I really want Daniel to agree to those first questions Ryan asked him. Yeah, these two are just made for one another and I also want Ryan to give Daniel his fantasy. GAH! That would be so damn hot!

Honestly, he’s torn between being pleased at how easily Ryan can bring him down and scared at how quickly he’s learned Daniel and his wants.

This story ends as abruptly as the first one did but we do get a sneaky peak at the third installment so I am good. I am hooked with Daniel and Ryan and cannot wait to see what, where and how they get to the next step in their relationship.

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