Review: Delayed Gratification (Daniel and Ryan #1) by Tamryn Eradani

Daniel Brown is a man of routine. You might even call him a control freak. So when the new Director of Marketing, Ryan Cole, starts shaking up Daniel’s routine, Daniel doesn’t know how to react. He finds Ryan intriguing, infuriating and oh so attractive, but he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. As their games start to grow kinkier, dare Daniel give in to his desire to let Ryan top him?

Daniel is a man after my own heart and mental health. I was right there with him and his rigid schedule down to his morning routine and smoothie. When he walks into his office and sees a donut on his desk, the familiarity of routine is jostled and he begins to wonder just who would know him well enough to see through the control freak to the donut lover. Sounds cheesy? Not really. If you are someone of mine and Daniel’s persuasion the interruption of daily routine is well, not welcome, until it is.

When a donut shows up the following day and Daniel notices a light on in a cubicle and follows it, he sees the new Director of Marketing and bearer of two first names, Ryan Cole with a Krispy Kreme bag. Coincidence? Nah. Seduction? Maaayyybbbeee…
Daniel doesn’t deny himself things because he doesn’t think he deserves them but because the reward of self-control is often more fulfilling than whatever it is he’s denying himself.
The little game of Ryan leaving a donut on Daniel’s desk begins. Daniel tries to resist the allure of the glazed goodness and is actually impressed by Ryan’s tenacity and newly learned respect for Daniel’s personal space. When Daniel’s weekend plans get cancelled and he is left in an empty office, will he let the temptation/reward of the donut win?

I know there is a lot of donut talk in this review but the donut was all about Ryan sizing up Daniel to see if their interests match. When he thinks they do, he decides to ask Daniel over for dinner. You see, Daniel being in control of his life, well it doesn’t always mean he wants to be in control 24/7 if you know what I mean and you know what I mean… right? *winks*
It’s instinct and impulsive decisions driven by need, by finally getting what he wants. The problem he’s found with rigid self-control is that when he loses it, he loses it.
I will admit this seems to move a little fast but when you are on point with someone, when they can read you and what you want, why would you wait? The dinner at Ryan’s was nothing short of sexy and being in Daniel’s head made it oh so enjoyable.

Now while I won’t say more, I will say I am anxious for the next book after that sneak peek and to where this all leads. I have to know and I need a few things done from Daniel and Ryan. Yup. I have needs too.

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