Guest Review: Truth of the Heart (Fae Haven #2) by Elizabeth Silver & Jenny Urban

When Conor wants to avoid his family’s well-meaning attempts to set him up with his ex, he asks his attractive and unattainable boss, Matt, to pose as his boyfriend over the Yule season. What he doesn’t tell Matt is that despite his habitual flirting with everyone he meets, Conor wants Matt like no one else. He also neglects to mention he’s fae, and his whole family is equally magical.

Matt doesn’t know and doesn’t care where Conor came from, only that he can’t imagine his store--or his life--without Conor in it. He knows it’s playing with fire to pose as a happy couple with his beautiful and too-young assistant, but he can’t resist the chance to pretend, if only for a little while. What he doesn’t count on is how good Conor feels in his arms...or how desperately he needs it all to be real.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

First let me admit I didn’t read book one in the story. I don’t think it reduced my enjoyment of the book in any way, in fact, I’m quite likely to look out the first one to see the getting together of a lovely couple we see a little of in this book.

Our story opens with Matt in his little magic and charm store, and a very attractive young man comes in. Cue the love interest I thought, but I like that this story is more than meets the eye. Of course the ‘kid’ is for Matt, and of course he is far older than he looks, but Connor comes with considerable baggage and an extremely crazy family who come to stay in town.

The getting together is steady, and then out lovely men fall into bed in a rush wench Matt gets over himself and agrees to play the part of Connor’s boyfriend in front of said crazy family to avoid them trying to marry him off to some woman.

There are many thrills and spills, I loved Connor’s dad misbehaving and the moonshine, but I think the story could have stood a bit more crazy magic family.

When Matt has a hissy fit after overhearing relatives gossiping and runs away from Connor I liked that the family rallied around but randomly appearing in his shop to tell him off!

On the whole I enjoyed the book, the start did feel a little on the slow side and I’d have liked more magic or other-realm stuff, the lovely happy ending was well worth it!

I was given a copy of the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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