Review: I Love You More Than Pierogi by K.A. Merikan

Marek and Adrian dated in high school, but a bitter breakup led them to choose different paths. Adrian is out and proud while Marek is in the closet. Adrian embraces his eccentricity while Marek clings to a conservative image. And while Marek worked hard to build a successful life and financial stability by climbing the corporate ladder, Adrian threw caution to the wind and has spent the last five years backpacking across the world.

Now Adrian is back in Warsaw, Poland, but while Marek thinks they will have a hookup and have a blast from the past, Adrian is just looking for a place to crash. Worse still, Adrian turns up at Marek’s advertising agency for help with his outrageous new business venture, and if Marek wants to get promoted, he might have to work with the guy who broke his heart.

Second chances in love... in a job... in life... I Love You More Than Pierogi is about being able to start over, no matter your choices in your past.

Adrian and Marek couldn't be more different. Adrian is out, adventurous, and willing to take risks. Marek is firmly in the closet, very cautious and conservative. After a bad breakup after high school, they spend years apart. While Marek was working himself to the bones trying to further his career, Adrian was out seeing the world.

When they met up again, they didn't automatically fall into old patterns like they assumed they would. I liked that about them. A lot of time had passed and they weren't the same people anymore. Even though they were together before, their relationship wasn't easy. They still had some of the same issues, along with some new ones. This almost had an enemies to lovers feel to me. They didn't seem to like each other much, despite not being able to stay away. The arguing got a little old for me, but when push came to shove they made the right decisions for themselves and each other.

For the first half I wanted to smack Marek more than a few times. His attitude toward Adrian seemed all over the place. Marek was so uptight and judge-y. He was hard for me to like a lot of times. Adrian was a much more likeable character. Being so open and easygoing, it's hard not to like the guy. But he wasn't perfect either. While he seemed to have taken the better path in life, he had his own mistakes, too.

The romance was light and so were the sexytimes. Especially for K.A. Merikan. Adrian and Marek were cute and sweet, but ya know... it's The Merikans.

I loved the setting. I've never been to Poland and don't know much about it. I especially enjoyed all the food! It sounds so different from anything I've had before. It definitely left me wanting to seek out some traditional Polish eats.

I Love you More Than Pierogi is sweet romance about second chances with a good dose of culture.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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