Audiobook Review: The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland by Joe Cosentino

Cinder, a poor and beautiful young man who designs clothing, makeup, and hair for his stepmother and stepsisters, offers his clothing and slippers to a naked stranger in the woods, who turns out to be none other than Prince Charming. Follow Cinder and Prince Charming in this twist on the classic Cinderella tale as they discover their inner strengths and find their very own happily ever after.

Enjoy The Naked Prince and three other reimagined tales from Fairyland, each with a unique spin on stories we all know and love, including The Golden Rule, where eighteen-year-old Gideon Golden, after being thrown out of his home in Fairyland by his homophobic parents, breaks into the cottage of three burly men on Bear Mountain.

In Whatever Happened To…?, friction ensues between a celebrity with a growing appendage and a reporter who has a thing for giants.

And in Ice Cold, young Gaelen must save his love, Kieran, after a handsome but evil prince freezes Kieran’s heart and bewitches him into being the prince’s slave.

Listening Length: 3 hrs and 20 mins
Narrator: Joel Leslie

This was my first MM fairytale story or stories and I don't know why I waited so long. These were so much fun!

The Naked Prince consists of four short stories all based on traditional fairy tales or fairy tale characters: Cinderella, Goldilocks and the three bears (snickers), Pinocchio/Jack and the Beanstalk and the Snow Queen.

These stories are written like traditional fairy tales, with far-off worlds, handsome princes and that instant love spark. The authenticity of the writing had me feeling like I was listening to the original fairy tales. The only difference is Cinder and the Prince get it on the night of ball! The sex isn't explicit, but the fact that it's there in every story, just had my pervy hands rubbing together in glee at all the debauchery occurring. There were definitely more than a few chuckle moments, my favourite was when it was revealed that it's not Pinocchio’s nose that grows…and Jack (from the beanstalk) just happens to be a size queen!!!

What really stole the show though was the narration! My GOD Joel Leslie is the most talented voice actor I’ve heard in audiobooks. I think it's largely that his voice just fits the role of fairy tale teller to perfection. He has such a proper accent (don't ask me what it is) that I was immediately transported into these stories. His variety in accents and voices (he can even do a variety of women!) is outstanding, so much so that when the second story started I had to look up and check if it was the same narrator for both stories. He made every story unique and gave each character their own individual voice. It was such a fun experience listening to this!

These were such fun stories and very cleverly written, but Leslie’s narration is what makes this such a high rating! It was perfection and I highly recommend this if you like fairy tales with some MM lovin!!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed hearing these stories as much as I did writing them and Joel did recording them, Chelsea. I'm thrilled to report that Joel also recorded my A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS short story currently available on audiobook, and he is recording my IN MY HEART (An Infatuation & A Shooting Star) novel for audiobook release early summer. Joe Cosentino