Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit + Giveaway - Cordelia Kingsbridge (NSFW)

There might've been some squealing when this author agreed to participate in the shenanigans. If you've not had the CK experience you're only depriving yourself.

“How’s this?” Rex asked, pressing up between Andrew’s spread thighs.

Andrew grimaced and shifted, hooking his legs around Rex’s calves. “Could you – a little to the left – ”

Rex adjusted his position, and Andrew’s expression of discomfort cleared.

“Better, thanks,” he said.

Smiling, Rex bent to kiss him. Their lips clung together, sweet and languid, no reason to rush. This was perfect, it was everything Rex wanted –

A camera shutter clicked to his right.

“Looks great, guys,” Tanya said from the side of the bed. “Andrew, could you pull a little harder against your restraints? I want the muscles in your arms to stand out more. And Rex, babe, flatten your back out so I can get a better view of the harness.”

“Another glamorous day in the life of modeling BDSM gear,” Andrew muttered, low enough for only Rex to hear, and Rex snorted out a laugh.

Tanya moved them through a variety of positions and poses over the next few hours. Rex didn’t mind the long breaks between setting up shots, because it gave him and Andrew time to talk – about their families, plans for the weekend, even the weather. He could happily listen to Andrew talk about anything.

After the session wrapped up, Rex pulled on the robe an assistant handed him, then reached underneath it to pull off his cock sock, the little pouch that kept his genitals covered. This website didn’t do full-frontal advertisements.

He was chugging a bottle of water and checking his Twitter feed when Andrew came over to say goodbye, already fully dressed.

“Great shoot, man,” Andrew said, bumping his fist.

“You too,” said Rex. “Later.”

His hand tightened around his phone as he watched Andrew walk away – toward his waiting boyfriend, Naveen. Rex hated that stupid prick, with his gorgeous face and fancy custom-tailored suit and posh English accent.

Because that was Andrew’s type. He liked his guys refined and well-educated, the kind who didn’t stumble over the names of wines at nice restaurants. It probably didn’t hurt that Naveen was rich as fuck, either.

Rex ran a self-conscious hand through his Mohawk. Andrew would never go for him, a tattooed punk redneck whose idea of a good time was kicking back with a couple of beers and a football game. Even if there were times during their sessions together when Andrew looked at him a certain way, or touched him with more than professional interest, and Rex thought that maybe, just maybe

On his way out the door, Andrew turned around to wave at Rex with a warm smile.

Rex’s stomach flipped. He grinned back.

About the author

Cordelia Kingsbridge has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh, but quickly discovered that direct practice in the field was not for her. Having written novels as a hobby throughout graduate school, she decided to turn her focus to writing as a full-time career. Now she explores her fascination with human behavior, motivation, and psychopathology through fiction. Her weaknesses include opposites-attract pairings and snarky banter.

Away from her desk, Cordelia is a fitness fanatic, and can be found strength training, cycling, and practicing Krav Maga. She lives in South Florida but spends most of her time indoors with the air conditioning on full blast!

Connect with Cordelia:

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  1. I loved it and would've loved getting to know more about each character. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. Angela:
    Not entering because i don't live in the US but i just wanted to let you know i loved this, i wouldn't mind reading more about Rex and Andrew :)

  4. Now I want to know more about Rex and Andrew! - Toni

  5. Wow!!! I would love to see more of Rex and Andrew! A lot more , loved it .

  6. I've always been a fan of CK. Read all her old (and no longer available) fics and everything since...truly everything. Even this!

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  8. I really enjoyed this one! Such a great story!