Review: Will You Be My Escort (The Carlisles #2) by Meg Harding

A Carlisles novel

Jackson Carlisle has rotten luck with men and women, and after an especially bad situation, he takes a step back from romance. But with a two-week family reunion in Hawaii looming, his mom is determined to set him up with one of the sweet singles she knows would be perfect for him. A normal person would tell her no and be done with it. Instead, Jackson tells her he has a boyfriend. The only problem? He doesn’t.

Aaron Wilkes is an escort. He’s a little surprised when a friend’s girlfriend hires him to date her brother, but he’s had stranger jobs. Jackson is cute, and he thinks a fling with Aaron might be just the kind of no-strings-attached fun he needs to get over his dry spell. As they explore the islands together, their carefully laid plans begin to get away from them. Feelings aren’t supposed to come into play, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you can’t fall in love in two weeks….

Fluffy cuteness!

Seriously, this could easily fit into the Dreamspun series.

Will You Be My Escort can be read as a standalone, NOT that I would recommend that since I LURVED Dinner For One to the moon and back; but, to each their own.

This is the second of The Carlisles novels and combines the fake boyfriend trope with the male escort trope to great effect. 

Jackson is the youngest of the Carlisles and he's had his heart broken one too many times thus has stopped dating to avoid Heartbreak 97.0. A big family reunion IN HAWAII plus a well meaning, if slightly pushy and meddlesome, mother make the perfect breeding ground for THE LIE. 

You know the one, so now he's got to produce "the boyfriend". Thankfully his enterprising sister Georgina knows a guy.

Remember when Carrie (SatC) decided she was going to take a LOVVAAAHHHHH and everyone from here to Schenectady knew that was never going to happen? Because Carrie's incapable of anything other than monogamous relationships? Jackson is Carrie and he thinks he's going to have a rebound fling to get back in the dating saddle with the hot escort who makes him babble and blush like a 14 yr old. I find this amusing in so many ways. 

Jackson's eccentric, independent(ish), artistic, a romantic and ever so slightly neurotic. He's also a chatterbox when nervous something Aaron finds adorable as did I. The gumball brain never fails to entertain me with the "yeah, you said that out loud".

Aaron is an escort but also Tristan's best friend (Georgina's beau). He's also highly professional and never ever falls for his clients. 

So... they're both a little deluded. *shrugs* Nobody's perfect.

Can I just say, I'm completely and totally enamored with the Carlisle family. They are nosy, kooky, and competitive as all get out but CHEESE AND CRACKERS! They got charisma is all I'm saying. 

Jackson and Aaron didn't get under my skin the way James and Bastien did. I think the feelings happened too quickly and I missed watching them develop. But it was still a warm fuzzy read with some satisfying sexy times and two adults who use their words, though I'm not a huge stickler for effective communication. Sometimes opening up and showing vulnerability is hard, I get that. Plus all that poor communication can make for great tension and usually fireworks. *eyebrows* I heart fireworks. A lot.

But Aaron and Jackson were both verbal and they both love dogs! Which everyone knows automatically makes someone trustworthy.

I can't wait for the twins stories and to catch up on Tristan and Georgina!

Recommend for those who need a little fluffiness in their life, as a beach read or to those in a blizzard who want to remember what warmth feels like. Because Hawaii. 

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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