Review: Suddenly Yours (One Fine Day #2) by Jacob Z. Flores

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Cody Hayes is having one epic morning-after. The hangover following a Vegas bachelor party is nothing new to him, and neither is the naked man in his bed.

His apparent marriage is a different story.

Carefully plotting every detail of his life carried Julian Canales to a Senate seat as an openly gay man. A drunken night of Truth or Dare isn’t like him… and neither is marrying a man he just met. He’d get an annulment, but the media has gotten wind of his hasty nuptials. If Julian’s political career is going to survive, he has to stay married to a man who’s his opposite in every way.

Now he must convince Cody that all they need to do is survive a conservative political rival, a heartbroken ex, their painful pasts… and an attraction neither man can fight.

I'm not sure who at DSP devised this plan to turn me into a cracky fluff addict but they are crushing it! I wouldn't say I have a problem... okaaaaaaaayyyyy maybe I have a problem. 

They say the first step is admitting it, so step one down. I think I'll tap out there because I've absolutely no intention of quitting this series. Save all your intervention efforts. I NEED MY CRACK!

Jacob Z. Flores knows how to deliver my cracky fluff just how I like it-warm, cozy, comforting, maybe a little cheesy with some drama thrown in to sucker punch me right in the feels. I was started on romcoms at a tender young age by my mom. She has a tendency to watch the same movies over and over again and that stuff sticks with you! I've got a million and one random dialogue lines forever imprinted in my subconscience and Suddenly Yours brought many of them to the fore.

You know how people always say the best decisions are made when you're drunk and your inhibitions are lowered? Well, except for Britney Spears, that is. I digress. Anywhat! Cody and Julian got married in Vegas on a drunken whim. Only Julian doesn't remember this the next day. Did I mention that Julian's a Senator? So... OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!! He got drunk married in Vegas to a Waiter is headline news. 

Once he stops praying to the porcelain god and the night starts coming back to him, he decides this marriage might not be as catastrophic as he initially thought. Neither believes in love so they embark on a mutually beneficial "arrangement". *grabby hands*

Wanna know the best part? Julian's NEVER been in love before! 

As if that weren't enough, I really liked both these dudes. Cody is outgoing, funny and could charm the pants off anyone. How obsessed invested Cody is in Days of Our Lives cracked me up because he's such a dude; it's the last thing I'd expect of a 6'2" muscle hunk, y'know? It humanized him or something. Julian is more reserved, deliberate and cerebral, but being around Cody makes him bolder, less stuffy.

They both have baggage that creates the conflict. I could've done without Cody testing Julian. I despise that sort of nonsense and through this he seemed to close off and become less vibrant. I missed his happy-go-lucky goofballdom.

The build up of tension between them could've blocked out the sun it was getting so thick. They agreed to live together but take sex out of the equation so they could objectively evaluate their "arrangement" over a 6 month period so... one sex scene but it was pretty epic. I do love a size difference. 

The end is super fluffy, somewhat cheesetastic and has the cutest HEA, ubiquitous to all the great romcoms. Cody's frat buddies providing the comic relief.

I know this is listed as a book 2 but it is in no way related to book 1 and can absolutely be read as a standalone.

If there is a cracky fluff god, there will be another one in this series.

I needz.

Recommend for fluffy crack addicts like me. You know who you are.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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