Review: The Edge of Control by Lou Kelly

When passion pushes David Carlson into dangerous territory will he walk the razor’s edge between life and death in order to be with the man he loves?

As the youngest Chief of Medicine at Southside General Hospital, David Carlson has no business lusting after the most hostile nurse on the ER staff. A professional, hard-working, over-achiever, he’s finally realized his life-long dream of promotion, and the last thing he needs now are complications.

But he can’t help being intrigued by the enigmatic Ian James. Not only is Ian flat-out gorgeous, he’s also mysterious. And he awakens in David a passion that he hasn’t felt since … well, ever.

Unfortunately, Ian James is a man with a dangerous past and an even more dangerous present, and loving him will come at a cost. Can David trust him? Is he willing to put his entire career on the line to protect a man who might be playing him? Is Ian capable of loving and trusting him back?

Discovering the truth will take David into the heart of blackmail, corruption, and scandal. Straight to the edge of control.

The Edge of Control is a stand-alone, full-length novel with NO cliffhanger!

David cannot stop staring at the new nurse with the bad attitude on David’s first day as Chief of Medicine. There is something that draws him in, and it’s probably Ian’s looks. David really should get laid.

Ian is more than aware that he has the looks that draw powerful men, and even when he tries to hide behind attitude, it doesn’t seem to deter them. Which is how he finds himself in the position he is in, and on the cusp of losing everything.

This story was certainly complex. There was a lot going on, and some of it was enjoyable, and some of it not so much. I did enjoy most of it. I liked David as a character. I thought his nobleness would keep him out of the fire. His stupidity in pursuing the sexy nurse with the great arse was a strike against him, but sometimes we can’t control those lustful hormones.

Ian leads a pretty complicated life, filled with pain, poverty, and worry about his niece. He is just trying to survive and make money, so he can support his sister and niece as best he can. It’s not his fault he keeps getting trapped by corruption.

The overall story arch was good. The romance was a little rushed, but no more than a lot of stories out there. I enjoyed seeing the mystery unravel as to who Ian was, and how David seemed to turn into to a hormonal teenager around him. It was sweet, if not naive of David to think Ian was pure and perfect. I was pretty sad about the slut shaming, but you know, that seems to be life, and I’m glad David wasn’t part of it.

The plot worked well within the Medical setting. I always enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and the poor soul who gets trapped in the crosshairs.

The ending was a bit bizarre, but engaging, and dramatic, in true, unhinged rich-white-man-is-the-villain way (aren’t they always?!). Some of David’s reactions were disappointing, but at the end of the day, he pulled his shit together enough to be there for Ian.

A satisfying read if you enjoy hospital drama with an edge of suspense.

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