Audiobook Review: The Downs by Kim Fielding, narrated by K.C. Kelly

As the son of a wealthy man, Enitan Javed has spent his life frivolously - drinking, fighting, and making love. But after his father dies, Enitan is unjustly accused of murdering him and is given the harshest sentence possible. Judged irredeemable, he is banished to the Downs. As even young children know, nothing lives in the Downs except demons who delight in torturing the condemned. Brutalized by the men who transport him to his fate, Enitan has nothing left but his thirst for vengeance.

His plummet to the Downs nearly kills him, and Enitan finds himself battered and helpless in a frightening, mysterious land. But many surprises await him there, including a strange man named Rig. And the realization that the demons he must face aren't at all the ones he expected.

Wow. I don't know what stopped me from reading The Downs when it was initially released. What took me so long? I mean... it's Kim Fielding, so duh. Now though, now I'm glad I kept pushing it to the side. While the story alone is something quite beautiful, the narration of it was truly spectacular.

Enitan and Rig's story was not was I was expecting. From the cover and the (original) blurb, I was expecting something with a bit more grit. Maybe some kind of battle or contest. But no. Instead I got Enitan and Rig, with their beautiful and compelling story of redemption and new beginnings.

Enitan thinks he is unredeemable. He was thrown into The Downs after being convicted of his father's murder. He's only heard stories of The Downs. All he knows is that it's a place where demons prey on the condemned.

Enitan thinks he is unredeemable, but Rig knows the truth. He finds Enitan after his fall. Rig takes him in. Nurtures him. Heals him. Loves him. Rig is patient and kind. He lives in The Downs and shows Enitan what it's really like there. Rig shows him that it's a place of new beginnings. It felt like it took Enitan forever (and a day) to finally see what was right in front of him. But Rig was there, right beside him, like always. Waiting. Supporting. Basically being one of the most special characters I've read.

Kim Fielding has a way with characters. I know, I know... she has a way with writing great romances. But her characters... they just go beyond the norm. The go beyond my everyday expectations in M/M romance. It can be historical, paranormal, contemp... any genre and you can bet the characters are going to be something special. Rig was something special. He was loving, forgiving, patient, nurturing. He was all those things, but never came off as a fake, perfectly perfect character. He was basically perfect, but real and honest. I loved Enitan, too. But Rig stole my heart.

All that gushing and I haven't even mentioned the narration. AH-mazing. K.C. Kelly did a fantastic job bringing The Downs to life. He narrated both Enitan and Rig perfectly. He really brought out both of their distinct characters in his acting. And Rig's accent? Gah! So good.

I can't recommend The Downs enough. Read it. Listen to it. Either way, you won't regret it.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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