Audiobook Review: Red River (Pack #2) by Cardeno C.

Two Alpha shifters join together to lead their pack and build a family.

Commitment, loyalty, and strength aren’t enough to make Wesley Stone’s birth pack accept an Alpha with a physical imperfection, even if it’s a meaningless mark. Putting the safety of his pack above his own wellbeing, Wesley trades himself for another Alpha and agrees to mate with a stranger in a mysterious, insular pack.

Alphas from Jobe Root’s family have led the Red River pack from the first day shifters walked the earth. Now the time has come for Jobe to fulfill his destiny, but to do that, he needs his mate by his side. Spiritual, easygoing Jobe reveres Mother Nature and trusts in fate, yet he can’t help being nervous about how his mate will react to his new life in Red River, his new life with Jobe.

Two Alphas with contrasting personalities, different upbringings, and divergent beliefs come together for the good of their packs. But to stay together, Wesley and Jobe must see beyond the surface and embrace every facet of themselves and their union.

Listening Length: 3 hours and 42 minutes
Narrator: Nick J. Russo

This was one of those audiobooks where I think I would’ve enjoyed it more by reading. I really loved the story and I’ll touch on that later, but the narration was just average. Not bad, but not the best I’ve heard. The narration didn’t ruin this story for me, like bad narration sometimes can. I could still connect to the characters and enjoy the story progression, but the narrator didn’t become these characters, therefore I didn’t always feel the emotion of certain situations coming through.

One of my absolute pet peeves in audiobooks is whispering. When narrators actually whisper when it's stated the character is. They speak so quietly I need to crank the volume up, only to miss the line being whispered, then to become momentarily deaf by the next line spoken at a normal level. Grrr. Needless to say there was lots of whispering at the beginning of this book.

There aren’t many Cardeno C. books I don’t like. They’re full of great characters, fluff, some character development, a hint of conflict and a bunch of hot sex. Red River was just that. I loved the story of Wesley and Jobe. They both come into what is essentially an arranged mating, with two very different stories of how they got there. It was great seeing them come to understand the other person's point of view. It was a nice added twist to a fairly standard shifter story. Although I must say this had the weirdest ‘pregnancy/birthing’ stages I'd ever read. I won't go into it, I'll leave it as a pleasant…. unpleasant? surprise, but I was definitely squirming and laughing throughout it all.

This audio didn’t lack anything necessarily (other than that damn whispering), but I think I’ll enjoy reading this story on my own sometime.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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