Review: Patience (Forbes Mates #2) by Grace R. Duncan

Jamie Ryan was almost ready to accept he’d never find his destined mate. They’re uncommon to begin with and same-sex versions downright rare. Since his gay best friend found a destined mate, Jamie figured he was out of luck. Until end of semester stress forces him to go through the full-moon shift early. Stuck in wolf form, he runs into none other than his destined mate. Who’s human.

Chad Sutton has always had good instincts. They served him well as a detective and continued on when he went private. Those instincts tell him there’s something about the dog that comes up to him while running away from animal control that isn’t quite right. He works to put the pieces together, but is unsuccessful until his dog turns into a human before his eyes.

Jamie has no idea what a shifter mate bite will do to a human. He’s terrified to try—and possibly kill his mate. They hunt together for answers while working together on a case for Chad. It’s easy to see they belong together, but Jamie fears the gods gave him someone he can’t keep.

Poor Jamie is so stressed because of finals that he is forced through his shift earlier than expected and completely unprepared. Stuck in a city and away from safety, he's unable to shift back, and knows it will be days before he'll be back to walking on 2 legs again.

Life is about to get more complicated for him when he's running from the dog catcher in broad daylight, only to run smack dab into his mate. Jamie has always been doubtful that he'd find his destined mate. Odds stacked against him, he's more than surprised when he accidentally runs into his Mate on the street.

First things first, he'll have to get the dog catcher off his back. Luckily for him, his mate is a quick thinker, and able to save Jamie from the dog pound, just in the nick of time.

Chad wasn't expecting to bring home a new dog when he went out for coffee, but it looks like he has one now. He can't put his finger on it, but he knows there's more than meets the eye when it comes to "Murray"/Jamie. This dog is way too intelligent, and there is nothing normal about a coffee drinking dog, who answers his questions by nodding yes or no.

His suspicions are confirmed when one moment he's watching Murray use his toilet (neat trick) and the next there's a gorgeous man in Murray's place.

Now there's talk of Mates and shifters; all of which Chad takes in with calm acceptance. He doesn't know what's going on between Jamie and himself, but he feels the attraction, and knows he doesn't want to give it up.

Jamie and Chad are all for strengthening their bond, but a wolf's bite is fatal to a human, and they'll have to go on a road trip to find out the answers they need. And by road trip, I mean fly, train and drive their way to Rome. Which is not as fun as you think. In fact, this is the one thing that really slowed down the pacing of an otherwise very well written story.

There are, however, several little side plots to this book that keep it interesting. From the mysterious search for Quincy, a man who determined not to be found, to the secret hidden in Chad's past, and all the politics behind human mates and wolf shifters, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

And sex. There's a lot of sex.

These two take every opportunity available to reinforce their mating bond. But it's also sweet and fluffy and all kinds of adorable. Especially when Jamie calls Chad pup.

If you like shifter books, then you'll enjoy this. Especially because these wolves are on the playful side, and don't take their wolfy side too seriously.

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