Review: Trickster by Elizabeth Coldwell

Galactic bounty hunter and battle-scarred veteran Rufus Trayner always gets his man, no matter how hard he has to fight. No charismatic conman is going to fool him, and even though he can’t forget the feel of Jobi Wade’s lips on his own, or fight his growing desire for the man, it won’t stop him hunting for justice.

Jobi Wade knows every trick to help him elude the clutches of the law, but he hasn’t reckoned on the dogged determination and sexual magnetism of Rufus Trayner. Are the only chains that can hold him the ones Rufus’s love has wrapped around his heart?

This was fun and light. For a short story there wasn’t much to work with but I felt Rufus’ character was developed enough to get a feel for him and his personality.

Jobi was a bit harder to understand. I felt that his character could have used a little more development, we learn next to nothing about him in this story, except that he is on the run and must be pretty smart to evade capture, and hack into sensitive information around the universe.

Unfortunately, short stories under 50 pages are difficult to rate because there just isn’t enough. It’s like a preview with a lot left over at the end of the writing.

The chemistry was almost there and with a bit more development, would be believable. I did enjoy the tease, and the chase, but I didn’t really feel it in a way that convinced me these two would get together.

There was next to no relationship development, which brought the story down a bit. Even one additional interaction would have boosted the story and the couple.

Overall I didn’t feel that my time was wasted, and I enjoyed the idea of the story. I’d recommend this for someone wanting a snippet of sci-fi on a tea break. There is a nice kinky flow to it. I would give this author a second look with a longer story, to see how she develops it over a bigger word count.

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Elizabeth Coldwell is a multi-published author and the former editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine, where she was responsible for publishing a number of now very well-known authors for the first time, as well as honing her own writing.
She lives in East London, is a season ticket holder at Rotherham United, and a keen cook. Her recipe for peanut butter brownies is available if you ask nicely…



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All Rights Reserved.

I knew when I found him, hanging there in his chains, that he was going to be trouble. Trouble that would haunt me across galaxies. Those eyes, that insolent pout, that muscular, battle-scarred body. The last thing I expected, but everything I desired. And because of that, I made the first serious mistake of my career.
Though some would call it the second serious mistake, the first being my decision to leave the army. My family never understood why I would choose to give up everything I’d worked so hard to achieve. They saw the rank of Captain before my name, the honour medal I’d been awarded for the part I played in the Mondrian Offensive, and the enviably secure pay and conditions I enjoyed. What they hadn’t seen was the bodies of men I regarded as my brothers lying broken in the mud after three days of hand-to-hand combat on Mondrian. They never knew how close I came to joining the ranks of the fallen, even if they couldn’t fail to notice the slight limp I was left with after the field medics operated on my injuries. It was enough to convince me to get out while I still could.
Becoming a bounty hunter following my discharge seemed like a logical move. It gave me the thrill of the chase, and the opportunity to bring the bad guys to justice. I got to make my own choices about what assignments I took. And it paid well enough that I could start to think I might retire in a couple of years. I’d always had the dream of settling down in one of the little coastal towns on Bencula, spending my evenings on the porch with a brew in my hand, watching the suns setting over the silver-blue sea. Of course, in those fantasies, I had a man to share those long summer evenings with. Most of the rest of the time, I felt as though I was destined to always be alone.
So when I found myself tracking Jobi Wade, I was thinking of nothing more than swelling my retirement fund. In truth, I was surprised our paths hadn’t crossed already. After all, Wade was wanted for felony on half the Federated worlds. He was a hacker and a con man, as light-fingered as he was smooth-tongued. The type who would have been classed as a charming rogue, but for the fact the data he stole was sold on to enemies of the Free Governments. He had information stored on memory chips that could bring down armies and bankrupt all but a handful of nations, and a lot of important people were desperate to get that information back. But Wade was elusive. Several times he had come close to capture, only to wriggle from the grasp of his pursuers. Where other men had failed, I was keen to succeed.

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