Review: No Remedy (Bounty #2) by Christine d'Abo

For months, Mace Simms has been seeking an antidote for the poison killing her mentor. Her only hope is Alec Roiten, a brilliant scientist hiding on a backwater planet. Posing as a research assistant, Mace offers the elusive genius all the help she can, ignoring the explosive chemistry between them. Soon they’re close to a cure.

But then Alec’s former love Byron shows up, attempting to claim a bounty on Alec’s head, and all that careful research gets left behind when they’re forced to flee. And when Byron realizes the tip-off about Alec was a ruse by his rivals to lure him out into the open to kill him, the bounty hunt turns into a three-person scramble for survival.

Byron wants his old lover back, Alec is consumed by a haunting secret about the poison he’s desperate to defeat, and Mace is caught between them. But she’s beginning to think that’s exactly where she belongs as the three are drawn together in their race against death.


No Remedy picks up 3 yrs after No Quarter and focuses on Mace, Gar's sister. Mace has left The Belle Kurve in search of an antidote for Faolan. She found a renown scientist, Alec, and has been working with him until a bounty hunter named Byron shows up to collect the bounty on Alec. He might have a teensy bit of grudge since Alec disappeared on Byron 7 yrs ago without a word. But something bad happens and they have to band together to escape the bad guys. 

Once in space there are battles, intrigue and medicinal fucking. 

Yerp! This was a first for me. Alec has taken the lab tinkering a bit too far and given himself something called "Brasillian syndrome" which makes space travel a bit... problematic. Every time anyone with this syndrome goes through a gate they become uncontrollably horny and the only remedy is to flood their system with oxytocin, dopamine and various endorphins OR THEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, both Mace and Byron are ready and willing to take one for the team. Who am I kidding? It was more than once.

They head for a safehouse on a desolate planet that conveniently has a lab so Alec and Mace can continue to search for the antidote and they can hide out from the dudes on their tail. It turns out that Alec disappeared to protect Byron from the bad guys after he discovered he was being used as a weapon of mass destruction and refusing to allow it to continue. Obviously, he still has feels for Byron and he's been attracted to Mace since she showed up in his lab, but can Byron let bygones be bygones? And can they make a successful triad with Mace remains to be seen.

This book is what I would call brain candy. If you like erotica that's short on story and borders on OTT then this is the promised land. If you count sex as relationship development and don't mind your characters being one-dimensional, you too will enjoy this. I'm sure that sounds hella negative, but I don't mean it that way. Sometimes I need to unplug and read some escapist fluff and this fit the bill.

The sex is pretty hot and they bang a lot. Byron is toppy and both Alec and Mace like to be topped. Often. And bitten. These are some bitey folks. The kink is mild with some D/s, spanking and little bondage. My preference would've been for the dudes to have crossed the streams more frequently but d'Abo did a good job of reinforcing their connection and how much they missed each other during their extended, somewhat forced separation of 7 yrs. 

Mace is the new addition and shiny and, apparently, has a fire hydrant between her legs. Who can resist that? *eyebrow raise*

The moisture from her pussy now trickled down her thighs to wet his legs and cock.

I think she should maybe see someone about this because the squirting is supposed to happen after the good times have rolled. 

My one complaint is my continued disappointment that all of these people are human! There's a blue dude on The Belle Kurve. Why can't I get some alien love? Can I get a tail or some tentacles, maybe an extra cock or some KNOTTING? Something cool. Instead I'm saddled with lube and fingers which, in my humble opinion, is kind of a waste of space AND why do they even need lube with the resident fire hydrant? Use the resources you have! #StopLitteringInSpace

Otherwise it's a fun little read with some space battles, a bad guy, someone to save the day and get the girl and the boy and an HEA.

Recommend to those who enjoy a bit of kink, can suspend disbelief and like light sci-fi.

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