Review: Escapade by Dolce

Twenty-nine-year-old Lucas Thompson is at the top of the corporate ladder. But when his lifelong friend and ex-boyfriend invites him to his last-minute destination wedding in the Bahamas, Lucas realizes his corporate success can’t hide his private loneliness. Nor will he be able to escape seeing his family at the wedding—and having to explain, yet again, why he’s rich, handsome… and still single.

Fate and a taxi ride change everything when Lucas meets the charismatic and clever Jack McQueen, who just so happens to be a male escort. Jack’s presence on Lucas’s arm at the wedding keeps questions at bay, but their pretend relationship turns into something more after ten days of sun, sand, and sex. And before the trip is up, both men will discover that what started as a simple escapade in paradise might just lead to their very own happily ever after.

Love blooms in paradise.

This story has everything I love about rent-boy stories, and none of the added angst. This was such a light and fluffy book that I had the goofiest sweet grin on my face when reading it.

When Lucas is invited to his lifelong friend’s wedding, where he will be surrounded by a hoard of loving but meddling family… still single, he finds himself seeking some sort of an escape route. Jack (aka Teddy) feels an instant kinship to Lucas when they meet, and therefore finds himself accepting Lucas’ offer to be his pretend boyfriend for the 10 day wedding extravaganza.

I’m really going to struggle putting my thoughts on this book in articulate words. The way this was written was so detailed and subtle that one or two lines can’t convey the connection that was built between these two. It's through conversations that last pages, with Lucas and Teddy noticing small moments where their lives are starting to intertwine.

Jack laughed and perched on top of the kitchen island. He crossed his ankles, gently tapping his heels into the cabinet below.

Lucas glanced at the front door. Jack’s brown suede ankle boots rested beside his blue Adidas trainers.

“You’ll love them,”Jack insisted. “I’m sure of it.”

The flow of the writing is beautiful. We get so immersed in Lucas and Teddy's conversations as they get to know each other that I didn't notice the page count changing.

In most ‘pretend boyfriend’ books, the men are awkward around physical affection with each other and can barely be civil at times due to loads of sexual tension. Lucas and Teddy are actually like a real couple. There's no deceit between them, they confide in each other and offer support when it's needed. They also spend most of the book kissing, and each kiss is steamier than the last. Yes, there's sexual tension, but these men actually have control of their bodies and don't hide their attraction towards each other. Both are interested in forming a connection with each other before having sex.

Look I won’t lie, it takes ages for these guys to have sex. When they do, it's raw passion and sweaty sex, but I still felt like it was somewhat anticlimactic considering I had been waiting 75% of the book for them to get together.

Also at points I felt like the story dragged a bit, mostly around all the wedding activities Lucas and Teddy attend. It was still enjoyable, just 380 pages of sweet and fluffy romance building.

The humour was refreshingly funny and felt real. I could imagine actual people having these conversations. Thankfully there were no strange one liners awkwardly inserted to try make the book more enjoyable.

“You already gave me a very detailed blow-by-blow of your origin as Spider-Hustle.”
Jack snorted, “Captain Cock or Iron Arse,” and Lucas started to giggle with him.
“I quite like Captain Cock. Does your shield have a cock on it instead of a star?”
“It has cocks arranged in the shape of a star.”

I really enjoyed this, I felt content then entire time while reading it, and as long as you're prepared for 380 pages of fluffiness, I would highly recommend this book!

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