Review: Horsefeathers by Caitlin Ricci

Justin was sent to get a mare, and is helpless to explain to his unhappy boss why he came back with an untouchable gray stallion instead, but there's just something about the horse that wouldn't let him leave it behind.

Of course, because an angry boss and a horse they don't need isn't enough, the horse goes missing—leaving a strange man in his place, a man who speaks in riddles and seems more than a little crazy, but he's also just as hard to refuse as the stallion…

This was a little different. And my first Caitlin Ricci.

Nohatu is a Native American wild horse shifter. He lives a "half-life" because he shares he body and soul with another, Brother Horse. We meet Brother Horse at a mustang adoption where he catches Justin, a ranch hand's eye. The two make a deeper connection than they planned once the adoption takes place. They travel from the adoption place back to Justin's ranch where he works in Colorado where Justin gets a big surprise.

The story jumps into paranormal fairly quickly since the reader starts in Brother Horse/Nohatu's head. It was an interesting concept. I wonder how he'd got himself caught but for the sake of a story, I rolled with it. Justin being the love interest? Mmm...I'm not too sure about it. I wouldn't say Horsefeathers was romantic. It ends with a HFN feel with a possibility for more.

Do I think the two started sexual contact too quickly? Not really. So do a lot of people nowadays with just an exchange of names and sometimes even barely that. (No judge zone) I think it was necessary as a catalyst for the paranormal aspect which goes into a concern I have about the story.

My bigger gripe is I think this story would work better longer. I don't think it's novel material but a couple more thousand in words to help some with those rough transitions. An example, the characters are in the cab of a truck, in the blink of an eye, one of them is in the bush. Then the other is waking up. It reads a little jarring. So maybe 35-50 pages, tighten up some of the ideas introduced, explore & explain how the difference between certain types of shifters. (You'll have to read to understand what I mean.)

Something about an off hand comment Justin made to Nohatu during an argument rubbed me the wrong way. If he felt that way in the heat of the moment, how will you guys even last? I have a question mark on Justin and Nohatu's 'relationship' but the open ending helps some.


Overall, I liked the ideas, I have some issues with the execution, one remark (okay two but the one from Justin is the main one) rubbed me wrong but it can be argued it was said in anger.

The story is readable. The folktale feel that Nohatu brought with his past was cool. Wish that was expanded on, or maybe written a little differently. The title and the cover are very fitting. I think they're the best parts.

Who might enjoy this most? Readers who want something quick, paranormal and features a different sort of shifter without much world building.

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