Review: Price of Freedom (Shadow Play #2) by Helena Maeve

Some stories just aren’t meant to be told.

From warzones to domestic scandals, Ulysses has built a career as a high-profile journalist at the expense of both family and relationships. Now his dogged pursuit of the truth has cost him credibility and job security. Discredited and depressed, he hunts for the story that will re-establish him as a trustworthy name in British journalism.

Stumbling across a string of mysterious murders that spans the breadth of the continent may prove a godsend. Yet catapulted into a world of spies and outstanding blood debts, Ulysses finds himself collaborating with elusive Robin, a man on the run whose past is as dark as the desires he awakens in Ulysses. Their chemistry is incendiary, breathtaking, unlike anything Ulysses has ever known. And chances are the fallout will prove proportional.

As Robin’s dealings land him in the crosshairs of the British intelligence services, Ulysses is faced with a choice that may cost him his life. 

I consider myself to be well versed in thrillers. Hells bells, I've read and kept up with Ludlum but this book... I hate to say it but I got out espionaged by a romance novella. 

In my defense I have had considerable trouble concentrating recently so maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention, but I got to the end and still didn't know if Robin was an active agent or not. I don't even want to talk about how long it took me to figure out he was CIA.

I feel like a failure but I'm tipping my hat to Maeve. She gives good spy.

In the case of Price of Freedom the spy is a trans FTM BAMF! named Robin. He's got some sort of weird ninja spidey skills-turns up in living rooms and alleys. Always lurking. Always at the ready to take care of badness. Badassery is in his wheelhouse.

As was the case with the first in this series, where things aren't as tight is the relationship between Ulysses and Robin. 

Ulysses is a freelance reporter hot on the trail of a murder which may involve the SIS when he crosses Robin's path. The entire story is told from Ulysses' perspective and I think having some of Robin's would've provided depth to their relationship. And clarity.

They're most certainly hot for each other, but the ending felt rushed. Just when things were getting interesting it was over. I feel like this is Maeve's MO-leave them wanting more and she definitely accomplished that. Again. But I would dearly love to see her give a full length novel a go.

Overall, I'd say the espionage plotline is stronger than the romance plotline, but I like her writing style so much that even though I find this series somewhat lacking in the romance department I can't seem to stop reading it. So take that for whatever it's worth.

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