Review: Magic and Mistletoe by Annabelle Jacobs

Christmas is Harry’s favourite time of the year, but it looks like he’ll be spending it alone. When it comes to the men he fancies, his luck is non-existent. Harry’s nerves always get the better of him—especially when he tries to talk to Andrew, the hot guy downstairs.

Everything changes when Harry meets a mysterious girl in the woods who professes to be a witch. He dismisses her claims, but when odd things start happening to him, he has to reconsider.

Andrew was attracted to Harry from the start, but their awkward encounters put him off. All goes well until Harry opens his mouth—and ruins it with his stupidity and silly comments. When Harry suddenly becomes more relaxed and they have a proper conversation, Andrew realises his first impression was wrong. As the days count down to December 25, they get swept up in the Christmas spirit and their relationship moves faster than either expected.

A little winter magic might have been the push they needed, but Harry worries that when it wears off, he’ll no longer be the man Andrew wants.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Did I mention cute? Slightly whimsical with a touch of magic this is really exactly the kind of Christmas story I love. I've said it before but this year there has been a plethora of fab-u-lous seasonal stories and this was definitely one of them.

I don't know about you, but for me a Christmas story needs to be sweet and readable and happy and the literary equivalent of a whipped-cream-and marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. It has one job; to make me feel warm and snuggly and glowing just a little with happiness. This book manages that super well.

Everyone knows what it's like to make a cringworthy first impression. Right? Or have foot-in-mouth-syndrome - humour me here . At least, I know I do, which means that I instantly sympathised and empathised with Harry. Trying to make a good impression and screwing it up royally time and again is the pits, I wanted Harry to win his man and I wanted Andrew to see the true Harry beneath the blundering buffoon.

Wanting the characters to hit it off is pretty much number one aim in a gooey Christmas story. It's what I wanted and with a touch of magic it's what I got. A perfect winter read!!

A copy of this book was given ion exchange for an honest review.
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