Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit & Giveaway - Emory Vargas

Celebrate M-A-N-T-I-E-S times c'mon! The unicorns have squeed many times over this author this year! And if you haven't heard of her attention because she's going places kid! We're happy to have Emory Vargas visiting with us today! And she comes with treats for all!

Check out her exclusive flash fiction for Boy Meets Boy Reviews first.

The Birthday Gift
Emory Vargas

Jake's birthday gift itched.

More specifically, the polyester and elastic fibers gripped Dan's balls in a vise. Next time he ordered pink panties online he was buying them in men's sizes, and he was splurging on satin.

Because he was definitely buying more. Itch or not, Dan’ cock jutted proudly, dark beneath the hot pink lace. He tapped his fingers along the length of it, just a tease. Dan was disciplined enough to deny himself the urge to grip his shaft and slide his palm along the rough fabric to see if it burned.

That was for Jake only. That was Jake’s gift. That, and the shiny black plug nudged between his cheeks. He clenched his ass to feel all seven inches of it. He swayed his hips and a jolt of pleasure ran up his spine. A low groan escaped him and he looked out the window again, desperate to see Jake’s car pulling into the driveway. He knew his husband’s routine by heart. Even on his birthday, Jake would go to crossfit and stop by the country club on the way back to steam in the sauna. He’d scrub his body in the shower and slather on unscented lotion until his black skin gleamed.

And now? Now he’d pull up and walk in, damp and clean, and he’d find Dan in their playroom, hard and hurting with want. Slick and stretched. And wrapped in a lovely pink surprise.

We volunteer to help unwrap Dan! Let Emory know what you thought of her ficlet! BMB Reviews thanks her for partying with the unicorns!

Author Bio:
Emory Vargas loves knitting scarves and writing about tentative first time sexual encounters and amorous cephalopods, though not always at the same time.


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  1. Is it me, or are these excerpts getting dirtier?

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