Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit & Giveaway - Kari Gregg

THE GREGG is here!! The MOTHERCLUCKING GREGG is here! Be ready for her to wield the mighty sword from Planet Fuckatron and stuff your--

Whoops. Got our days mixed up. *clears throat* The Gregg is here today to share about her failure as a ghostbuster, though she gave it a great try. And she has an awesome 3 spooky book giveaway for one lucky winner, which includes her latest, Sightings.


One of my standard go-to lines is “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m afraid of them.”

Despite lots of effort on my part, especially while I was young, I’ve never seen a ghost or experienced anything paranormal-y, though. I lived in a haunted house once. Never even got remotely creeped out. I worked in two haunted buildings too. Ho hum. At least I got paid. In my teens, I visited the grave of Sis Lynn–nothing. The one-room schoolhouse mentioned in Sightings? That was real, though not the legend behind it. We never knew the story. The ruined schoolhouse was on the way to a friend’s house and he talked about eerie blue lights in the place at night. I never saw anything and I walked that stretch of road quite a lot. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been to Gettysburg, one of the most haunted Civil War battlefields, and never experienced anything creepy. We toured the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and a few other haunted spots, like the Peyton Randolph house in Colonial Williamsburg. Heck, my husband was raised in Burkittsville, MD, home of the Blair Witch!

Kari in a Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (TALA) room where the asylum issued clothes to patients
Basically, if you are in the mood to check out anything spooky, I’m game, but I’m also the last person you want to bring along because ghosts snub me. The wankers.

I love wondering about it, though. Thinking. Scaring myself with a game of what-if. What would meeting a real ghost be like? Or seeing a genuine monster? How about fleeing a zombie horde?
I keep returning to these ideas, the shivers and the scares, in my stories because tales of what else might be out there, waiting to surprise and terrify, draw me. I keep signing up for ghost tours and visiting haunted places too.

So far, I seem to be a dead zone when it comes to ghostly or other paranormal occurrences, but I keep trying because maybe...someday...

Inside the TALA on the 3rd floor in a long, spooky hall. *gulps*

Author Bio:

Kari Gregg lives in the mountains of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia with her Wonderful husband and three very Wild children. When Kari’s not writing, she enjoys reading, coffee, zombie flicks, coffee, naked mud-wrestling (not really), and . . . coffee!


We thank The Gregg for sharing some spooky history and real life attempts to ghost bust. 
Maybe one day...

Would you like a change to win all three of these scary titles: Sightings, Mating Season & Half a Million Dead Cannibals?

Love longer than forever.

Quinn Laramie moved to Mill Valley to care for his sick Aunt Betsy. After her recovery, he invested hours once spent in hospitals hiking and exploring the surrounding hills rather than returning to an empty apartment in the city.

Patrick, a photographer and self-proclaimed paranormal expert, saved Quinn from tumbling into a flooded creek where a bridge had washed away years ago, taking a pair of doomed lovers with it. Quinn and Patrick meet for other creepy jaunts thereafter: a derelict one-room schoolhouse, an abandoned cemetery, the burned-out shell of a home… Quinn hasn’t seen any ghosts yet, but Patrick’s shy kisses haunt him after each paranormal adventure ends.

Quinn wants more, and with their next spooky tour set to begin, Patrick is finally ready to give in. But what surprises wait them in the eerie manse atop Warner Hill?

He didn't believe in the monster of the lake . . . but that didn’t make it any less real.

When Danny needs a getaway, his best friend goads him into a week-long hiking trip. Who cares if local superstitions and old wives tales warn the wary to avoid the lake once summer nights turn chilly? The trails are still pretty, the wildlife just as plentiful, and the fall colors beautiful for the lens of Danny’s digital camera. Nothing sinister could happen, not here.

Danny was wrong. Assaulted by lusty tentacles that push his body—and his sanity—to the brink, Danny is then held captive by his best friend, betrayed for the sake of science. Unable to escape and terrified of the changes in his body, Danny’s alternatives are few. He will be returned, over and over, to the monster.

But maybe his future isn’t as bleak as it originally seemed.

All that’s keeping Riley from the man he’s falling in love with are the ruins of a city filled with half a million dead cannibals.

Strangers, Riley and Graham sheltered together in a basement storage unit when the zombie outbreak slammed into the world three months ago. They lived through the first blast of the plague, but they may not last much longer among survivors scrambling for dwindling resources. They agree to hike from the city and to the safety of the mountains.

They don’t count on the storm they hoped would cover their exit developing into a Nor’easter, though, and they sure don’t think their visibility would shrink so badly that they’d hike into the leading edge of a zombie swarm, either. In the chaos of escaping the ravenous horde, they are separated, with Graham racing toward feral dog packs to the east and Riley sprinting to hostile survivors hunting them to the west.

Nobody said finding and keeping a quality guy (alive) during the apocalypse would be easy.

To enter to win a 3 book bundle of Sightings, Mating Season & Half a Million Dead Cannibals, please leave a comment on this blog post and let us know your name and a means of contacting you (e.g., email, Twitter handle, link to Goodreads account, etc.)

The giveaway is open until 10:00PM (Pacific time) on 11/13/15. Shortly thereafter, we will contact a winner whom we will select using a highly scientific "names in a hat" method (or, you know, an internet randomizer). Please respond to the winning notification within 48 hours or we will choose another winner.


  1. After the fireworks last night, we all sat and watched Ghostbusters - karma telling me something here? The Mating Season was awesome.

    1. Yes, karma is! You should probably watch Ghostbusters in the near future. ;)

    2. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man FTW!

  2. Books by Kari Gregg? Yes, please and very much thank you! Ghosts & paranormal stuffs avoid me too.

    1. I used to play with Ouija boards, do seances, and etc when I was a teenager too. Nothing. :(

  3. I have read several of your books and loved them. I hope I win.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. My current home I believe is haunted or it could just be me since wherever I go something unexplainable happens. I don't mind though since I'm used to it lol. Going to put these books in my TBR list!

    1. I totally need to come to your house. Then your ghosts can snub me too. LOL

  5. My house isn't haunted, although I live with my teenager daughter #whatsworse

    1. I'd take the ghosts over the teenagers, man. My teens are way scary. LOL

  6. I haven't seen a ghost, but I swear my grandfather visited me one night when I was a child. I never saw anything, but I felt a presence. Other than that, I've never seen or felt anything out of the ordinary. My father says that one of the houses he lived in as a child was haunted though.

    1. I would've liked a paranormal experience like the one with your grandfather. That sounds sweet and comforting. :-)

  7. I'm not one for the supernatural, though I do love reading it. :)

    waxapplelover (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. I swear, if I ever quit romance, you'll find me writing horror. LOVE the spooky, creepy, eerie stuff. :D

  8. I do not know if I believe in Gods or not... I just do not want to find out empirically, thank you. I'm such a coward that any encounter with the supernatural would send me running for the hills... I think it is better to live in the ignorance ;)

  9. The giveaway is now over but there are plenty of contests still open.

    Congratulations Dihmar!!

    Thank you for participating and visiting!