Review: Blue Paramour (The Blue Ridge Saga #1) by Louise Ligon and Hunter Maine

When Brayden, a devastatingly handsome heir to a prominent Southern family, is caught in a compromising position with his handsome male lover, Jackson, life as he knows it comes crashing down. Exiled from the only home he’s ever known and separated from his love, Brayden is ordered to live in Boston where he is expected to become a true man and a proper successor.

But life will show him that things don’t always go as planned…

When Brayden encounters the mysterious and powerful, Vincent Gallaud, he instead embarks on an unforgettable adventure with his newfound king in the tantalizing world of New York City, forsaking everything he has ever known. Taking him on an unexpected journey that teaches him lessons Daddy would never approve.

Back home, Jackson has no choice but to consent to marry Brayden’s greatest adversary and twin sister, Annabelle Steed. Consumed with greed and longing for revenge, Annabelle will stop at nothing to destroy Brayden’s life and rob him of his birthright, Blue Ridge.

But everything comes at a price.

The drama! Blue Paramour was a drama surrounding love - a forbidden love, at that -, enemies, family expectations, and cultural expectations of the south. There was so much I loved about this fist book in The Blue Ridge Saga series. It was a story I could really sink my teeth into.

Brayden and his twin sister, Annabelle, lived on their family plantation where they're friends with their neighbor Jackson. They played together and got into trouble together and grew up together. While growing up, Brayden and Jackson became closer then they had expected. They keep things light and to themselves until Jackson was to be engaged to Annabelle. Then, Jackson couldn't keep his true feelings to himself and had to confess all his undying love to Brayden. *sigh & swoon*

Too bad they weren't the only ones who heard all of Jackson's confessions. Things quickly took a wrong turn and Brayden found himself being shipped away from the plantation to New York to keep away from Jackson.

Jackson was so darn lovable. He knew the risks, he knew what was expected of him and he still went after Brayden anyway. He still told him how he felt and tried to make things work. Of course, his hasty confessions led to a horrible fallout with Brayden's family, but it was sweet and romantic nonetheless.

I can't say the same for Brayden as he had some reservations about being so open. But Brayden was young and scared of his family. With good reason! His mother and father showed some love toward him, but Brayden's grandfather and sister were ruthless! Honestly, he was lucky that being sent away was all that happened to him.

So they were caught and now had to suffer the ramifications. Jackson was engaged to Annabelle and I really can't think of a more horrible punishment. She's selfish, arrogant, vindictive, and everything she does is mean-spirited. Unfortunately, during this time in the south people like Jackson didn't get much choice over who they were to marry. It was for the family, after all. But Annabelle? She was pleased as punch at getting what she wanted. Ugh. She really was an insufferable bitch.

But Brayden's experience while away wasn't all that bad and he met some interesting characters along the way. Namely, Vincent. Vincent taught Brayden to be a man that gets what he wants. Brayden really found himself and made huge character growth. I admired his strength and determination. Oh, and I loved Vincent. He's a great character and I do wonder if he'll make another appearance in the series. I don't know if it'd be a good thing or a bad thing. Hmm.

I loved Blue Paramour. I ate up the drama like candy and am so ready for another helping. The story ends with a big cliffhanger and I'm on pins and needles waiting for The Bitch Annabelle to get what she deserves to see what happens next.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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