Review: Redemption (Diversion #5) by Eden Winters

Living is the easy part.

Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive, only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission. Hell, maybe Lucky should have stayed south of the border. Especially when the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau places Bo into rehab, and Lucky’s facing both therapy and an inquiry into a fatal shooting. Watching over his shoulder for a vengeful drug lord or a cartel don calling in favors leaves him scarcely able to imagine a future for them as agents, or as a couple.

Bo Schollenberger once had a vision for their life together, but he’s bowed beneath the weight of his undercover work. Lucky’s hanging on by his deeply chewed fingernails, clinging to hope by making Bo’s dreams of a home into reality. The last thing he needs is a phone call from a dangerous man who knows too much, summoning him back to Mexico for “an early Christmas present.”

Not when the SNB brass asks tough questions, like “How well do you know your partner?”

Best of the series. 

Hands down, this is the best of the freakin' best.

Lucky and Bo are home from their Mexico shenanigans, but are far from being okay. Bo went through the wringer in his last undercover op and didn't come back quite whole.

Oh, how my heart broke for Lucky during the first half of this book. He was just so... lost without Bo. Their roles were a bit reversed with Lucky pining after Bo and Bo being unsure of where they stand. Unsure if he's even ready to think about long term.

I've always been a huge fan of Bo. He's one of my fave characters ever and he's sexy as hell. But Lucky really stood out in this installment. He was strong and stuck by his man, no matter how difficult everything had become. I ached for him and all the hurt he endured for Bo.

The investigation in Mexico wasn't quite over and they had to revisit everything they had just escaped. There was some focus on this part of the plot, but book 5 really focused on Lucky and Bo.

You'll hear no complaints from me. Or from fans of this series, I'd imagine.

There's so much progress made relationship-wise and I couldn't be more pleased with where they are now, compared to where they started. I always felt the love from Bo, but like I said, this book was all Lucky for me. He simply loves Bo. It's 100% evident from all his selfless and heartfelt acts for Bo. He made my heart melt, and believe me, I never thought I'd say that about Lucky.

I seriously can't wait for the next installment. I need more Bo and Lucky in my life. 

Like, yesterday.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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