Review: Malrith's Shield (Dreamtide #1) by Azalea Moone

Forced into exile for being a dragon summoner, Kohaku’s problems only worsen when his dragon becomes inexplicably dormant. In attempt to find the reasons why, he runs into Sawyer, the handsome dragon hunter who freed him from persecution two years ago, and winds up awakening something very different—a love like no other he’s experienced before.

Sawyer’s never forgotten about the gorgeous red-haired summoner. He sets out to prove he’s no longer interested in slaying dragons. Instead, he wants to gain Kohaku’s trust, and his affection, while he helps search for the key in the dragon’s recovery.

However, there’s another frightful magic at play, and suddenly things are starting to fall apart around them. Can they maintain this forbidden love while facing the evils coming their way?


Kohaku and Sawyer has a not-too-happy initial meeting. Kohaku was a dragon summoner, which was forbidden. Sawyer was a dragon hunter who had mercy on Kohaku when he was found. Sawyer let him go, as long as he left and never returned.

Now, not only was Kohaku banished, but he's unable to summon his dragon. While trying to find answers, he ran into (and then away from) Sawyer, the dragon hunter who had let him go years before.

When Kohaku ran off after this second meeting, Sawyer chased after him not to punish him, but because he had never forgotten Kohaku. There was definitely an attraction between them, especially from Sawyer. It was obvious from their first meeting when he let Kohaku go, instead of punishing him like he was ordered to do. Sawyer's feelings toward Kohaku were a little insta-love-ish, but believable nonetheless.

Their journey was a fun one, to say the least. There was magic, dragons, knights, and kings, plus a couple twists and turns. The world building was vivid and painted a clear picture of Sawyer and Kohaku's adventure together. The ending was a bit convoluted for my tastes, but didn't take away from the overall fun-ness.

Malrith's Shield is high fantasy, but it's not too heavy on the world building. It was a light and fun read. A great introduction to a series that I look forward to continuing.

 A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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