Review: Werecat: The Fugitive by Andrew J. Peters

On the run after killing a Hunter from The Glaring, Jacks travels to the Bahamas with his only clue to what the secret society’s assassin was after: his maker’s key to a safety deposit box at an offshore bank. A thirty-day legal procedure holds Jacks up from uncovering what could be a hidden treasure.

Meanwhile, Jacks meets an alluring ex-pat named Maarten who hosts a nonstop pleasure cruise for disaffected werecats who have no interest in the politics of their kind. With his nerves scratched raw from living on the run, it’s too tempting of an escape for Jacks to turn away. But while he’s cruising the Caribbean and spending his nights in an orgiastic cuddle pile, The Glaring lays siege to New York City in a night of terror. Jacks’ boyfriend Farzan fights for his life and tries to reach Jacks overseas.

 Jacks needs to emerge from a binge of drugs and flesh to defend his boyfriend. But can he give up the chance to be with his own kind for the first time in his life? When the secret in the safety deposit box is revealed, Jacks realizes that it’s up to him to get it before The Glaring uses an arcane magic that could destroy humankind.

Jacks is in Barbados, waiting to get access to Benoit's accounts and safety deposit box. Worried about his lack of funds, missing Farzan, he wanders around, looking for something to do. Meeting up with Maarten, another werecat, leads to an extended party cruise with a group of spoiled werecats while Farzan deals with wild cat attacks back in New York.

Not a good storyline for me, and I was concerned how it would play out, especially when the story sometimes felt manipulated to go a certain way, where the events didn't feel natural, didn't always make sense. Worse for me, though, was how Jacks made up excuses to justify his poor choices. I was irritated with his implausible rationalizations, and angry at how inconsiderate he was being to Farzan, the man he supposedly loved, but who he now questioned if he "liked" him. WTH? Wasn't he worried about Farzan? Didn't he miss him, want to hear his voice? What were his declarations of love all about? Yeah, I was angry. His priorities were messed up and he was being self absorbed and immature.

So why was I still so caught up in this story?!

Because I wanted to know what was going to happen, how things would get resolved. Luckily, we got some action, and progress in the storyline as Jacks and Farzan were reunited. Jacks seemed to finally be getting it and I appreciated his remorse even as I winced at the angst of it.  Unfortunately, even though this story was longer than the first two, it still read as an installment in a series, and not a complete story by itself.  So, good things were happening, but the main problem with The Glaring was still unresolved.  I'm a little frustrated, but also curious how this will all turn out.

Side note:
A few odd word choices were jarring at times, especially when I was caught up in the story. I kept checking the dictionary to see if my understanding of a word was incorrect.

Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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