Review: The Hornicorn (Fiendslayer, #1) by Albus Penbrook

Owen was abandoned as a child. Left to the care of druids by a family that did not want him. In this cruel world filled with magic and terrible creatures, he discovers an ally that could potentially become something more, something extraordinary...

Let's just say I'm a bit of unicorn sex uniporn expert? Would it be fair to say that?

I'm well versed in Chuck Tingle, when that other guy with his ravaging unicorns or whatever came out it didn't touch the level of awesome like Chucky Chuck Chuck did. I mean there are going to be imitators, right? Comes with the territory. Usually if an author adds a unicorn to their story, I'm probably reading it.  A unicorn that likes reading about unicorn shifter sex...go figure.

Now uniporn, it's not a new concept. There are really great ones other than Mr. Tingle that features great plot like Tali Spencer's "Thick as Thieves" (don't let the blurb intimidate you, it's high fantasy yum yum)

Albus Penbrook is a new writer who drops his hat into the unicorn shifter MM erotica ring with "The Hornicorn", book 1 of the Fiendslayer series. The Hornicorn cover states "Fantasy just got a whole lot realer". Well I'm not sure about all of that, I mean if uniporn has three lanes - Chuck Tingle (he gets his own), unicorn realness and absurd, I'd say Hornicorn tows the line between realness and absurd.

There is a plot but it takes a walk to the absurd line and walks back.

Owen has been abandoned at ten years old and given to apprentice with the druids. Now nearly nine years later, he's frustrated. Druids have to abstain from a lot of things: sex, meat of animals,sex, anger, sex. The druids are supposed be more evolved than the everyday man. Poor Owen has a constant boner and he's supposed to just ignore it for the greater good?

Eff that! He jerks off any time there isn't a druid breathing down his back and he can steal some alone time, if you catch my drift. While discovering his cock, balls and asshole at the lake one day, he attracts a few beings. He gets saved from death by a fiend ( a monster/demon/ kinda got breezed over by uniporn) by a glorious unicorn.

Arrad the unicorn is taken with virgin Owen. Not because he's a virgin but because he is full of repressed sexual energy. He wants to tap that in more ways than one.
Fucking? Yes, I’m familiar with the druidic training. A rather ignorant notion, don’t you think? Copulation is part of life, not just for procreation, but also for enjoyment. That is what truly sets sentient creatures from animals, don’t you think?
Arrad is forward thinking as you can see. He protects Owen again in his dreams when a crap ton of the fiends come to attack him. Afterwards, they do something about their mutual attraction. And that's when the unicorn horn gets put to great use. Horn sex. Oh, yes!

Now, there are some things this new author should work on in the future. Some scene jumping was a little rough, a few acts kinda jumped into on another without description (i.e. the rimming read like the horn did it), explain what exactly the villains (fiends) are - demons...wolves...what? And a virgin being able to deep throat a humongous cock on the first try? Maybe it was good it was only a dream, eh?

But good ideas are good. And unicorn sex was great.

How great? Horn great. Unicorn horn penetration and Owen the virgin LOVED. I see many slutty bottom stories just from how well he took the big H. ;)

Unicorn cum tastes great (not news to me)! And the horn orgasms!!!

Imagine being shot with rainbow light filled with concentrated orgasms into one lovely time. Awesome right? I see many unicorn orgasms in both unicorn shifter Arrad and Owen's futures. The story ends with a promise of more, the writing was decent and tries to offer a little plot with the smut.

I'd check out another installment. This is on Kindle Unlimited for the curious.

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  3. I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to review this! You have made my day so awesome for having read this. Cheers!