Review: Behavior Problem (Outlaw MC #3) by James Cox and GIVEAWAY!

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

Deviant doesn’t do friendly. He’s had a hard life and it shows in his behavior. The Outlaw MC of Mars is starting to expand thanks to some tough women who want to change the law. In the government’s eyes, women are only needed for breeding. Deviant is volunteered to train them. What he doesn’t expect is to meet Tage. The handsome man blushes more than a hard spanked butt. And what a fine pair of cheeks he has. Deviant made a promise to himself. Never fall in love. That makes a man vulnerable to hurt, to loss, to become broken. So why does he feel this undeniable attraction to Tage?

Deviant doesn’t do romance or cuddling or any of that other shit. With a covert war against the government going on, the last thing he needs is a weakness.

Will the shy Tage bring the big badass biker to his knees?

Another fun and sexy (and stressful) installment to the Outlaw MC series. I love the premise of these books, there is really nothing better that a big ol’ badass with a heart of melty chocolate around the right man. James always manages to create perfect partners, Tage and Deviant are no exception. This couple is a little different than the couples in the previous two books. Deviant is a full member of the biker club, but Tage’s life couldn’t be further from that of the Outlaws. But, just because he isn’t that ‘flavor’ of badass doesn’t mean he’s any less a hero.

Deviant is slightly left of stable, his name is Deviant after all and let’s face it, s’hot. But, his slightly unhinged nature can be a bit of a liability at times and he’s sent away from the clubhouse for a but while they are under heavy (well, heavier than usual) scrutiny. Which leads me to my bitch fest and heartbreak moment. . . . OMFG, what about Lover??? Bad things happen my friends, bad things. I know more is coming and James wouldn’t dare break my heart on purpose, but damn! All I can tell you is, don’t get too comfortable and things don’t always swing the Outlaw’s way.

I loved how Deviant pushed Tage out of his comfort zone and in a more subtle way, how Tage made Deviant fall right out of his. Deviant is definitely not a warm, fuzzy cuddler, but Tage sure makes him wish he were. It slowly starts to show in him though and he’s a little surprised about his feelings, but he didn’t go all alpha denial about it which drives me nutters, but he still stayed in character and believable. Deviant’s favorite thing is to make Tage blush, it turns his crank hard and is just part of his charm that I love.

His gaze reached between my legs I was sporting some morning wood that would make a whore wince.

“Dear God,” Tage muttered, staring at my bared junk. I grinned.

“Yeah, they broke the mold with my dick.”

His cheeks blushed.

So many great blushing moments.

There is a consistency in James’ books that I really appreciate, he writes women really well. We all have read enough MM to be familiar with the plethora of stereotypical female characters that can make this reader embarrassed for her gender. Not so with James’ characters and when there is a female character she reads ‘real’ and I for one, love to read about them.

I can’t have a COX review without a favorite quote:

Romeo pulled away and then the long white ribbons of cum erupted from the prospect’s slit. It was like liquid, cloudy confetti.

The MC’s do know how to party.

And . . .

Tage was too tight for just spit and courage.

See what a sweetheart Deviant is?

If you haven’t been part of the Outlaw MC journey yet, I highly suggest you join in.

AND to celebrate the recent release of With Tongue and Teeth (Outlaw MC #4), James has been kind and generous enough to offer up a book from his back list. Just leave us a comment with your contact information and you’ll get a chance to win! We’ll draw a lucky reader on May 18th.

For more information on Behavior Problem, check it out on Goodreads.


  1. Not entering as I've read them all, so good luck everyone!

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  4. Loved this review so much; it really did a great job of introducing these characters to me since I'm not familiar with this series at all. But I do love the way this world sounds. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  5. Am absolutely loving this series! I'm enjoying getting to "meet" each one of the MC characters within the story. With the way they are written, I can easily visualize each one of them and see how they all fit together in the larger scope of the story. Already looking forward to the next in the series. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.
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    1. Flutterfli, you are the super uber lucky winner! So sorry for the delay, all my fault! I've forwarded your email to the COX himself.
      I'm so glad you are loving the series too, aren't these characters amazing?? I can't wait for Harley's story.

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