Review: Evil's Embrace (Investigating Love, #2) by LM Somerton

Never underestimate the power of obsession. After the trauma of the Rasputin case, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his boyfriend, Detective Constable Conor Trethuan, are in desperate need of a holiday. The peace and tranquillity of Cornwall can't eradicate Conor's nightmares, though, and the unbearable prospect of losing Alex drives him to confess feelings that he isn't sure are reciprocated. Alex responds in the best way he knows how-by issuing orders and claiming Conor's body as well as his heart. Prematurely recalled to work, they are thrown into a dangerous trafficking case focused on a leather bar with a hardcore reputation, Spikes. Conor is sent in undercover, not knowing that he is only a decoy. When Alex learns that the motivation behind his team's involvement in the case might not be as straightforward as it seems, he realises that his actions might jeopardise not just their relationship, but Conor's life, too. A shadowy figure from Conor's past is about to step into the light.
I have to admit to preferring this instalment of the Investigating Love series more enjoyable than the first. In fact, all the issues I had with the first I would say were null and void in this, second, book.

I truly felt there was much more to Alex and Conor's relationship than in the first story and so I became much more invested in it. I loved seeing them on holiday at the start - some open-ended story lines here I feel, I wonder if they are persuade in the third instalment? Seeing where Connor had come from and the life he'd known previously before joining the police force and become Alex's partner was great. i loved seeing these moments between Alex and Connor, the insight to the two of them away from the pressures of the job.

Then, of course, the job came calling and again I was riveted. I hated the situation Connor was put in, it made me feel quite sad at times. It was so against his personality type...I didn't hate Alex quite so much this time round for letting his boyfriend get into this situation (by letting I mean because he is Connor's boss therefore literally let him walk into the environment)though, maybe because I liked Alex more on the whole, he didn't feel like the bully this time round that he did before. It did heighten the angst and the 'oh no' feeling of reading. I felt Alex truly loved Connor in this story (not just lip service for a kinky fuck) and that made a huge difference to me reading it.

In both instalments I liked the mystery that the police are trying to solve. LM Somerton writes this well, she knows when to cut a scene to heighten anticipation, how much to feed you so you'll read on wanting more. She is able to play my emotions just right, leave me on that cusp of anger and sadness and wanting so much for it all to work out for the MC's. There were some twists I didn't see coming, which was good.

I'm quite looking forward to reading the third instalment in this series. Now I've grown to like Alex as well as Connor I'm much more invested in the series. The British vibe from the story completely appealed to me too. No surprise there huh!! It's a good read that I'd recommend.

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A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.

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