CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME - Baby vs. Cupcake: The Sequel

Hear that loud rumble, pumping in your gut?
It's that time again, CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME!

Take in the glitter, bright lights and eye candy.
Baby and Cupcake back for a second round with different contenders: Jill Knowles' "Concubine" vs. Mel Bossa's "Split".

Want to know who won? Both.
Both of us did. And for different reasons. Cupcake went with the smut. Baby went with the feels. We brought our A+ game to the DOME.

One more time for glitter crotch!

1. How awesome was your CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME experience?

Baby: It was fucking awesome. I had bejeweled butt plugs and raspberry semen! What else could a girl ask for? In all seriousness, I adore CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME! The challenging unicorns chose some really boss ass books. Each one has showcased different writing styles, some popular mainstays that need to be read by others, some hidden gems that need a little more shine. And I enjoy it every time, whether I participate or I'm reading other participants' reactions. It's so fun!

Cupcake:  I THE DOME! THE DOME treats me right. Not to get all sappy but it makes me feel special that the other unicorns know me well enough to choose really fantastic reads for me. Things I wouldn't have chosen for myself. Blame Split for making me take a ride on the sap train to Sapsville.

2. Did your challenger choose well or miss the mark?

Baby: Oodles of pounding...demon/human sexing...sweet kinky "mine-ing"...lavender, raspberry flavored cum... *squints* Are you kidding me? Cupcake had a slam dunk, touchdown, home run and grand slam rolled into one with her choice. There was no way I wasn't going to like this. 
Imagine a bulls-eye. Guess who just bought property on that red dot? 

Cupcake:  At first I thought Baby was leading me astray what with all the pre-teen angst, but it turned out spectacular. Red and Blue gave me good feelz. I'll definitely look for other things from this author.

3. Favorite scene from the book?

Oh's a toss up between Taren's bottoming scene, Kael's 'sacrifice' for Taren and Taren explaining to Kael the importance of whores, concubines and giving pleasure. 

Cupcake:  Geez! There were so many! If I had to pick one it would be the dancing scene between Nico and Derek when Derek was just a kid, but I really felt that dinner scene with the Lunds.

Thanks for checking out Cupcake & Baby's CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME: Part Deux. You can check out our reviews for Split-HERE and Concubine-HERE for more details and squeeage.

You know what the best part of THE DOME is?

The scenery! PINK! PINK! PINK! 

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