Review: May in December by Dawn Flemington

Bruce Deirmann has lost everything. His job, his house, his children and his partner. The holidays are fast approaching and even though he has a well-meaning ex-wife cheer leading him on and his daughter’s wedding in the wings, he still feels hopeless. At the end of his rope, he is challenged to make an early resolution--to start living again.

Jorry Nelson is a quirky dog walker who’s made a few resolutions himself. Alone in the world, he is determined to better his life and get out of the illegal job he is trapped in. A childhood friend of Bruce’s children, he enters Bruce’s life at the right time and the attraction on both parts is immediate.

Love blossoms like May in the cold of December. However, trouble follows Jorry and though he and Bruce are working on a new beginning for the both of them, will Jorry be able to leave his past activities behind? Or will they haunt the couple and tear them away from each other before true love and happiness have a chance to live?

The front cover and blurb drew me to this book when a review request came in. It sounded like a potentially great story. I have to admit, that when I started reading I wasn't disappointed - we meet Bruce and I liked him. I liked his characterisation and the way his relationship with his ex-wife, still friend was portrayed. Unfortunately, the story grew too fantastical for me as it went on. What could have - should have - worked as a great story about the growing relationship between Bruce and Jorry and the difficulties of Jorry's past and the age difference between them didn't, because it felt like the author threw everything bar the kitchen sink into the mix. 

While the characterisation was great for the two MC's, the villains of the piece were almost cartoon-like in their villainousness? Villainy? Vill....nastiness. It just all went too far, I was rolling my eyes and skimming great chunks - yet I still cherished the moments between Bruce and Jorry. Their relationship kept me reading.  While it could have felt wrong, Jorry being a childhood friend of Bruce's children, it didn't. Bruce was just right for Jorry. I loved the dynamic of the two of them. And I liked Bruce's family - ex-wife and children and the dynamics there too. 

It really was just the storyline that went too far. Had one twist too many. One coincidence too far - and in my opinion that's a shame. A good editor, beta reader, honest friend - anyone just to say, "Whoa, hold your horses, we're moving away from Pleasantsville, Funreading Land, to Are You Serious?-ton. This bit does not work," and the book could have been reigned in...redeemed. 

Of course, as I always say - this is just my opinion and my opinion is only worth as much as the next person's. And if the next person loves this story then that is equally as right as me knowing it didn't work for me and the reason's why. 

I will keep Dawn Flemington on my radar, I have a feeling she can, and will, write some beautiful relationships. For it to work for me personally though I need a little less drama.
A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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