Review: First Class Package by Jay Northcote

*Free Read*

A geeky science writer has a crush on his postman—but will he ever make a move?

Working from home suits introvert Jim until he gets a special delivery—an extremely cute, temporary postman called Patrick. Jim’s drawn to his wide smile and sexy legs, while Patrick can’t keep his eyes off Jim’s package.

Their doorstep attraction seems mutual, so asking Patrick out on a date should be easy. There’s just one problem—Jim could fit all the pick-up lines he knows on the back of a postage stamp.

As Christmas approaches, Jim knows the end of Patrick’s postal-delivery contract is looming. Taking a chance might be worth it if it keeps Patrick coming to his door.

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Lorix -

A free read by author Jay Northcote is never to be sneezed at - and this was absolutely no let down.

Short and sweet but still hot and sexy First Class Package is a must read. It's fun and well, just exactly what a cute, kinda holiday read, is all about. Who doesn't like a surprise package? Especially when delivered by a sexy postie, Jim certainly does. In fact he cares not if the package is a surprise or an expected delivery, as long as Patrick is delivering it.

For a fun, free, sweet and sexy read featuring a hot postman, a geeky geek  and an abundance of cuddly toys you need look no further! Recommended to beat the winter blues.

Ann -

So, apparently Jay Northcote is the queen of the Christmas meet-cute. Because seriously, this was adorable. Jim is shy and awkward, he’s been working from home alone for too long but he knows what he wants when he meets his new delivery man Patrick. He wants Patrick and Patrick’s package he just doesn’t know how to make it happen. At least in a cool, not completely geeky way. So, he goes with his awkward geekiness because it’s really all he knows and by damn if it doesn’t work. That’s the feel good thing I loved about this one, Jim didn’t have to change and Patrick fell for him just as he was. I love that. There was minimal angst and what was there was charming and sweet. These two found one another at just the right time. This is the kind of Jizzmas story you can read all year as the Christmas is on the low and the feels are on the high. This one will be a reread for me and I definitely wouldn’t complain about more from these two.


  1. Now you've made me feel mean! Loved the story, but as it was only 20+ pages and I read it over a cup of coffee, I only gave a measly 3*. But a always, you are right. Gonna upgrade to 4*.