Review: I, Omega by (Kari) The Gregg

After one mind-shattering night with a stranger at a local leather bar leaves him forever changed, Gabriel lives on the streets as a vagrant to elude the master who hunts him, but the were-shifter is a fierce, stubborn predator who reclaims him soon enough. Gabriel is carried away to the pack’s home territory where his instruction on what it means to be the pet of an alpha begins. Gabriel isn’t just any pet, though. He is the rarest among their kind: a human omega.

Treasured? Or cursed?

As Gabriel’s father, the Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania and stalwart of the conservative party, pushes the considerable resources at his disposal to locate his missing son, Gabriel explores who and what he is under his master’s careful protection. Gabriel falls for the shifter who is lover and destroyer, owner and...friend?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices.

January Author of the Month… 

The Gregg

It happened again. I'm not sure how she does it, but The Gregg did it again. She's little by little making me her dirty little bitch.

I picked this up and the next thing I knew I was done. I was sucked into the KNOTTING/shifter/fuckhot/slaveboy/collars void. Ok, ok, I went willingly. Who am I kidding?


A couple times. Tis true. Cal and Gabriel are that hot. 

"Mine to feed, mine to fuck. Mine to play with, punish, and protect. Say it."

"You're my pet, my pretty baby. Mine to care for. Mine to keep."
"I am your world."
"And nothing works for me without you in it. Never forget that, Gabriel." 

Gabriel and Cal… hit so many buttons I felt like the Easy Button. On a good day. 

Gabriel's a sub and Cal's "beast" recognizes and claims his boy immediately. Gabriel's spooked by the KNOTTING and takes to living on the streets. But the beast is country strong and persistent.

The more KNOTTING, claiming, marking happens the more docile Gabriel becomes. Well, sort of. Gabriel likes a good spanking and loves to be mastered so he's got to act up every once in a while, right? Sadly, chastity was only threatened but there was some delightful edging/orgasm denial and tons of biting. 

It's the caring and grooming and tender moments between the two of them that got me, though. How possessive Cal is of him. How Gabriel's most comfortable at Cal's feet. Naked excepting his collar.

Cal's protectiveness isn't entirely based on his alphadom and Gabriel being his mate. It seems Gabriel, due to his omega tendencies, is highly sought after by other packs as well as his father who's a highly ranked member of Senate. The omega to a pack leader, once they've bonded, streamlines pack dynamics, making it function optimally and apparently omegas are hard to come by. Hence, all the double secret protection around Cal's compound.

I am your omega, your mate. Shaking with nerves and lust, Gabriel smiled. I am not afraid of what we are.

What they are is HHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!! Dance off hot.

This book went directly to my favorites shelf. It did not pass "Go". It did not collect $200. Helluva way to kick off 2015. 

Do NOT let the dub-con tag scare you. It's hardly even worth mentioning. Gabriel needs so prettily and Cal meets all those needs. IN spades. The Gregg might've just earned the title Empress of Smut Mountain.  

Recommend to those who like hotness and marking and collars.

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